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Party Grinders KILLITOROUS Premiere Video 'Total Protonic Reversal' via MetalInjection

For fans of Cattle Decapitation, Cephalic Carnage, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Origin, and all their ex/current bands.

 New Album "The Afterparty" Out May 22, 2020 - Self-Release (North America), Tentacles Industries (EU)
Album guests include members from Voivod, Allegaeon, Soen, Blackguard, Cryptopsy, Firewind and more!


Canada's tech-death comedy metal band KILLITOROUS (which consists of members from Annihilator, Suffocation, First Fragment and more!) unleash their second single 'Total Protonic Reversal' with a premiere of the track's music video via MetalInjection HERE.

The band comments:

"We have been working on the new album for 4 years, but we spent 6 years writing and arranging (specifically the 3 guitar parts) all the music. Everyone was quite busy as well with all their other projects after the 2014 release of "Party, Grind" that we had to really plan to be able to get anything done. The music is also just bananas so we really had to work our pants off in the studio for what felt like an eternity.

As a side note, we also had to learn how to track and record music ourselves to be able to record the guitars properly which is just a whole story in itself(Sorry to our producers for torturing them ).

This new single is both the fastest and the slowest song we've ever written...and features a guest solo from one of our heroes Dan Mongrain(Voivod/Martyr) which to us is still just mind-blowingly amazing.

Obviously the song is an homage to one of the greatest movie franchises known to mankind: Ghostbusters 1 & 2. With lyrics cover everything from not crossing the streams, to Vigo The Carpathian.

We have definitely gone in a bit more of a melodic direction but we've made sure to keep noisy, dissonant and chaotic riffs as a staple point of everything that is Killitorous."

KILLITOROUS' new album "The Afterparty" due out May 22nd, 2020, it will be a self -release for North America and available in Europe / worldwide via label Tentacles Industries.
"The Afterparty" is the follow up to 2014's "​Party, Grind", which was also co-produced, mixed and mastered by Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy, Despised Icon, The Agonist, Shadow of Intent) at The Grid in Montreal, Quebec.

The album features three guitars, tons of blast beats, brutal bass and vocals, plus of course tons of movie references, cartoon parodies and endless phrases maintaining the fine art of partying.
The line up consists of Mathieu Dhani (Epiphany From The Abyss) on vocals, Guitarists: Aaron Homma( Annihilator/ex-Vital Remains), Nick Miller (First Fragment) and Marc Roy (ex-Divine Realm), Eric Morotti (Suffocation/ex-Blind Witness) on drums and Xavier Sperdouklis on Bass.

The guests on "The Afterparty" are just as you'd expect from a great metal bash that includes Dan Mongrain (Voivod/Martyr), Riley McShane (Allegaeon), Leo Diensthuber (Divine Realm), Cody Ford (Soen), Raphael Weinroth-Browne (Leprous), Youri Raymond (Unhuman), Callum Clark (Ending Tyranny), Paul Ablaze (Blackguard), Matt McGachy (Cryptopsy), Tom "Fountainhead" Geldschlager (ex-Obscura), Gore Lussier (Erimha), Bob Katsionis (Firewind), Steven Henry (Neuraxis).

Album pre-order links:
North America:

Music video 'Married With Children'


1) All Hail The Starchild
2) Married With Children
3) Rodney Dangerfield of Dreams
4) Eat Your God Alive
5) Slavesphere
6) Re-anima-tomatron
7) 30 Minutes
8) Insanity as a pathway to fame & fortune: The tyrannical tirades of Mike Tyson
9) Total Protonic Reversal
10) King Diamond Dallas Page

Band Line-Up:
Mathieu Dhani (Vocals)
Aaron Homma (Guitar)
Nick Miller (Guitar)
Marc Roy (Guitar)
Eric Morotti (Drums)
Xavier Sperdouklis (Bass)
For more
Looking to become the band they never saw, Killitorous is comprised of the passion to grind and the general love of technical death metal.
Formed in 2006 in Ottawa, Canada; Killitorous is made up of current and former members of Annihilator, Suffocation, First Fragment and a myriad of other bands. Determined to sound like a combination of their one million favorite death metal bands they envelop technical death metal in an eternal party. A bit cheeky and a metric fuck ton of fun, Killitorous is that raunchy but charismatic friend who fuels every party.
Killitorous is a chaotic concoction, best described as technical party chaos death grind and it’s a true 90s death metal experience complete with one hell of an AfterParty!

“This Canadian death metal band is a party in black wifebeaters. In their video for the aptly-titled “Married With Children,” Killitorous hired a middle-aged woman to get crazy in the pit of a basement show. Excellent work, gentlemen.” – Loudwire
“Well F*ck me lifeless with possibility and throw my rotting corpse down a well with joy; if such an album hasn’t become manifest. It’s here for all to relish in the form of PartyGrind by Canada’s own Killitorous.” – The Circle Pit
“Killitorous Don’t Suck Sh*t” – MetalSucks

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