Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Rotting interview by Didac López / Bathory´zine

BZ-The members of the band are all professionals within the music.
       I have seen that before forming Rotting, had you already played in other bands?

Rotting - Since the group was created with Cristian Casto on guitar, I am Christian
G perez Lozada, a music and artistic graduate, at this time bassist and guitarist
Andrés Pacanchique is also a professional musician and college teacher. I was a
 drummer in a blues project here in Colombia called Candelaria Blues we were in
 various festivals and in the important festival of Bogotá and Colombia Rock al Parque
  I also participated as a drummer in the jazz saxophonist Julio Arnedo's quintet
   playing in jazz at the park, another district festival already in existence. Several
   of the group have now been on other musical projects.

BZ -Who came up with the idea of ​​forming a Death Metal band?

Rotting -  The idea arose when I met Cristian Castro and we decided to form the project
at the end of 2015. On the other guitar, Cristian Ruiz also accompanied us for personal
reasons, they could not continue in the project and we began performing covers of Behemoth
Death Dismember after several members passed by Rotting in 2018 the formation that was at
that time the Orgy of blood and pleasure of the flesh cd was recorded because death metal
for the entire social and political situation of this country a critical and reflective
response to our reality

BZ -Most Death Metal bands talk about death, blood ... but
Rotting criticize the political and social establishment of your country.
Who did the idea come from, do you write the lyrics together?

 Have you been influenced by any band when forming Rotting?

Rotting -  Death is definitely a big influence on the old school of North American and European
Death Metal bands like Unleash Morgoth, Pestilence, Benediction Dismember, etc. It is present
in the composition and lyrics of Rotting.

BZ -Apart from Rotting, do you play in any other band?

Rotting -  Our vocalist Arnold Vargas has a black metal project called Nocturna and that band has
been on the national scene for a long time. I had a jazz fusion project but for work reasons it
could not be continued.

BZ -What acceptance is having your first Ep "Orgy of blood and pleasure

Rotting -  We have had good acceptance since then as we are a relatively
new band, we have to participate more in large district and national
festivals, the changes of members also affect that continuity a little but
we do not stop moving forward with the project and with a national projection,
he sells the material internationally but we distribute much more

7-Apart from Colombia, have you played in any other country? I know from your
biographythat you plan to play outside your borders, you have something already
planned in these moments or not now?

Rotting -  it is not part of Rotting's projection to play in other important cities
in Colombia, we were in Duitama Boyaca, but we want to get out of Colombia in Mexico,
Ecuador and the ideal USA and Europe as soon as possible.

BZ -Here in Spain, the population is confined to their homes, and therefore they have
been canceledall concerts and festivals, as in the rest of Europe. How is the situation
in yourcountry?


Rotting - Very good question here we classify a district festival, important is called the
Metal of the Mountains, but with this quarantine I create all the big events and of a lot
of attendance were canceled already when we are thinking about the quarantine, it will take
place in December of this year

BZ -For when a new album by the band?

Rotting -  My ideal is that before the end of 2020, this new job for now without being able to
rehearse in the same way, we are still, but composing the same. Without losing the impulse to
continue making music.

First of all I want to give a hug and thanks to Bathory Zine for supporting the comments we already
received on our video and Rotting topics we want to thank everyone who follows us on our social
networks rottingbanda / Facebook ,roting5189 instagram, @ rottingbanda1 twitter we hope very We will soon be able to go to Spain and various countries in Europe to share our music. This work of maintaining  these publications, whether physical or virtual, is a great support to many bands and that magic of how many of us learned to meet great bands through the Zines. Congratulations for this existing project and long life to the metal.

Interview by Didac López / Bathory´zine

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