Monday, April 20, 2020

SCORPIONS Frontman KLAUS MEINE On Coronavirus Pandemic - "It Proves That We Need Each Other, That We Depend On Each Other"

The Scorpions' official Facebook fan-club Crazyscorps recently conducted an interview with singer Klaus Meine (dated April 15). Klaus is spending his time with his family in Germany, working in his home studio. Following is an excerpt from the interview.

Meine: "We're all united in this crazy lockdown. I'm fine, I'm good. We're all in touch with each other. We were supposed to start working in the studio like this week, or just early april, and all of us are working in their own studios, but we're in touch. We keep going and we try to make the best out of this isolated situation.
In this difficult times, solidarity and creativity are important, it's also important to stay in touch with each other. When we came back from Australia and South-east Asia, we came here and a few days later the Coronavirus situation became more serious every other day. It's important to stay in touch with our fan-base around the world and to encourage them to stay at thome in these very special times. It's also important that we try not to be too close to each other. I can't complain, because it's beautiful to be at home, with your loved ones, and spend some extra time together.
 At the same time, I go to my own studio and work on new songs, writing lyrics. I became a recording engineer in the meantime. We were about to start in April with our recording engineer, Hans-Martin Buff. We were supposed to start working here before going with the whole band to a studio in Hannover. Our producer from America, Greg Fidelman, was supposed to come over here. And then we had to change the whole plan, and it turned out like everbody is doing is own thing, working on songs and on all the stuff, but in his own studio. For me, I get a lot of support from Hans-Martin, he helps me to go through the different stages to record myself. Not only to be a writer and a singer, but also to become an engineer recording myself. It is a nice challenge!
 I hope societies will learn a lesson out of this. In the last couple of years, there has been so much hate, especially on the Internet, on the social media. Whatever you see, whatever you're looking for, there's so much hate involved, so much hate speech. Right now, it proves that we need each other, that we depend on each other. We don't need borders; human beings need each other to go through difficult times like now. And the positive part is that you see a lot of solidarity. People, all of a sudden, see their neighbours with different eyes. There are many little positive signs which show people are more friendly and nice, because everybody realises and understands that we're all in this together."

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