Saturday, April 4, 2020

Sin Anestesia / Thrash Metal from Argentina.

Formed in 2013 in Comodoro Rivadavia, Chubut, Sin Anestesia is a classic eighties thrash band, in the style of the big four.
The lineup was mutating until it reached the one that remains today, with which the live debut took place in 2016.
In 2017 we started the recording of our EP "I will never be part". Once the batteries were finished, the studio where we were recording unexpectedly closed its doors. After debating and analyzing possibilities, we decided to buy an audio interface and record guitar, bass, and vocals ourselves in our homes.
The completion of the EP took a long time, since we lost 2 times all the material recorded due to errors in the pc.
That, added to the personal reasons of each member, meant that we did not return to perform live until 2019, where we had the opportunity to share the date with Horcas.
Beginning 2020, and with the recordings ready, we sent the EP to Matias Takaya of AV Studios in Córdoba, where it was edited, mixed, and mastered. Later it was published on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, among other platforms. Currently we are composing and rehearsing to give the best possible show
Without anesthesia it is:
Brian Casanova - Drums
Cristian Hernandez - Voice
Mathias Fuentes - Guitar
Ignacio Carzoglio - Bass

 1) 0:00 La única constante (es uno mismo) 
 2) 3:20 Represalias del misántropo 
 3  7:40 Errores honestos 
 4) 12:46 Rodarán tus ideas 
 5) 16:42 Caníbal 

Lyric Video:



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Sin Anestesia - Nunca Seré Parte (EP 2020)


Download the mp3 from here:

 A great band to consider.

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