Monday, April 20, 2020

Sonic Riot ( Heavy Metal/Austria)

Sonic Riot was formed in November 2015 and after exchanging two members
on guitar and bass in their early days, they have become the team which
you can see on stage today. The band consists of five guys who share the
same love for hard and heavy music from the
80's and its modern forms. Inspired by bands such as Skid Row, Iron Maiden,
G'n'R, Judas Priest, Alter Bridge and BMTH, Sonic Riot create a modern Sound
which has never forgotten its roots.

The band's members are already veterans of numerous shows, also with other bands.
Their sound is carried by the thundering drums of Loris Doff and Andrej Samsanovich's
bass lines. Paul Arzberger and Markus Schemitsch both share their parts of rhythm and
lead guitars and Raphael Tukovics rounds off everything with his voice.

After their first show in April 2016, their way lead them onto different stages and
festivals in Germany, Italy, Vienna, Carinthia and of cours locations on their home
turf Graz. A special highlight marks the support slot for the mighty Dead Daisies in 2018.
On December 14.12.2019 their self titled debut album was released with a show at their hometown
in Graz, which is getting advertised on social media. With the song “Break The Chains” from the
debut album, Sonic Riot was promoted as promising newcomer in web radio stations all around the
globe e.g. USA, Germany, Israel, France, Ireland, GB etc etc.

Sonic Riot deliver energetic live shows of which none is like the other and want to make it not
only a concert but a real experience for the audience. Their highest priority are the fans and
the contact with the crowd, because their applause is the band's greatest earning.

Facebook - here you find news, activities, pictures etc:

Hard Nights - Offical Music Video (2019):

Sonic Riot - Sonic Riot - Full Album (2019)

How we sound and looked like "back in the day" 2016-2017 on youtube:

Sonic Riot - Sin For A Sin live 2017:
Sonic Riot - Release The Anger live 2016:

1. Sonic Riot 05:59  
2. Hard Nights 04:32  
3. Break the Chains 04:34  
4. The Songs Never Heard 05:14  
5. A World That Only Harms 04:52  
6. Straight On 03:13  
7. A Sin For a Sin 06:14  
8. Release the Anger 05:19  
9. Razor D 02:50  
10. Dead Electric 03:40

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