Saturday, April 25, 2020

Terremoto - Black/Thrash Metal/Chile

From the lands of Melipilla, Chile. Terremoto is a South American band of insane and unhealthy black thrash metal, which has already formed with full lineup back in March 2019, entering the recording studio in early October of the same year.
Due to the social outbreak of the country, and in a context of uprising and awakening citizens in different latitudes of the sphere, it is that the production of the demo that was willing to launch was delayed and that was how they decided to make an EP in their place by adding one more track to the list.
Four ammunition make up the EP that ends up being released in March of this 2020. Curfews and military forces return to the streets, but with the excuse this time of controlling the pandemic, even with quarantines and delays in the post offices they arrive to our hands the copies of the EP being this in CD format, "Infernal Earthquake".
Kotaix and Pandemia drunk with hatred electrify the strident guitars, The Old Satan in the drums making way for the dark path, Insalubrity666 rumbling the four strings at the ends of the abyss, and loud-voiced claiming with their lungs the human atrocities and their irrational behavior and unconscious.
The band has released a free download promotional (Promo Satan Will Come) with the second track of the Disco, being uploaded to the Bandcamp, soundcloud and Youtube platforms, adding to the latter the lyrics: 57HYsAQk.
Get the fucking record! Get in touch with the band by writing to
8.00Usd + shipping cost. "In hell are the most thrashers, the most stiff.
What are you waiting for to have a copy in your hands? !! They're only 100 damn worm copies.
If the pandemic does not decrease the number of infected and deceased, we may see ourselves in the underworld, otherwise stay tuned, we will keep spitting blasphemies. "


Infernal Rehearsal Demo 2019  
Terremoto Infernal EP 2020

1. Caerán 05:35  
2. Satán Vendrá 03:59  
3. Policía en Llamas 03:39  
4. Terremoto Infernal 03:44  

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