Wednesday, April 15, 2020

The band was born as a personal project of Andrés Marcayata (Atreyu)
who is part of other bands pigeonholed within the genres Thrash Metal,
 Death Metal, Black Metal and Punk. At the end of 2015, Atreyu begins
to write songs loaded with much hatred and contempt for humanity and
its legacy, without forgetting the dark and evil side induced by bands
like Venom, HellHammer, Parabellum, Sarcophagus, Bathory, Celtic Frost,
Motorhead, Discharge , Anticimex, Disclose among many others. At the
beginning of 2016, Atreyu recorded the first solo demo with a session
battery, 4 songs that would later be part of the first demo of Trimegistö,
this recording made on Pluteras Records, is personally distributed among
close friends and receives a good acceptance, which that drives Trimegistö
to go from being a personal project to a consolidated band, after several
tests, the first line-up was integrated by Atreyu inguitar and vocals,
Simón Karner on drums and Daniel Vascones on bass, with which 8 more songs
 are recorded that would later be used in various compilations that would
make the band better known and that would allow it to play in some places
inside and outside of Quito, later Daniel left the band by personal decision
and Trimegistö recruited Andrés Utreras (Pluteras) with whom a more dirty and
violent formation was formed, which gave the band solidity and allowed him to
have more live performances and re-enter the studio to capture new recordings
that would be broadcast locally and internationally. Trimegistö is currently
recording new tracks and preparing for what will be its first full-length
album to be released in 2020.

·        2016- Trimegistö Demo1.
·        2017- Trimegistö EP Demo2.
·        2018-Sudamerikaos Metal Punk-Human Virus- Col / Toque de Queda-Chi / Trimegistö -Ecu.
·        2018-Ruido Inmundo-Split / Trimegistö -Disbrigade-Ecu.
·        2018-Ruido Sudaka Metal Punkers Split Valium-Col / Trimegistö -Ecu.
·        2018-Metal Punk Rising Wild Split: Arma-Bra / Trimegistö -Ecu.
·        2018-Escuadron Metal Punk : Sudamerikaos Vol1-4 Splitway : Sobibor-Col / Trimegistö -Ecu / Los Rezios-Per / Suicide Club-Chi.
·        2019-Evil Recording- Trimegistö.
·        2020-Necromantic Ritual Split : Bonehammer/ Trimegistö

1. Bonehammer - Shadows of Darkness 02:54  
2. Bonehammer - Children of the Lie 01:49  
3. Bonehammer - Living Rotting Nightmare 03:22  
4. Bonehammer - Dark Pagan Cult 02:44  
5. Trimegistö - NecroSlut 01:53  
6. Trimegistö - Círculo de Brujas 02:13  
7. Trimegistö - Poder Místico 02:58  
8. Trimegistö - Metal Punk Warrior 03:47  

TRIMEGISTÖ - Poder Místico


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