Sunday, April 12, 2020

The Outsider - Symphonic Death Metal

The Outsider is one-man project from Mexico City founded in early2016, started as a Symphonic Death Metal with Middle-Eastinfluences project for the first releases, highly influenced by bandslike Therion, Septicflesh, Fleshgod Apocalypse and Rotting Christ.This sound for this first era also includes a slight touch ofexperimentation, serialism and twelve-tone technique.In 2019 The Outsider announced to be working on a new album anda shift on the musical direction of the project, turning into anextreme Avant-Garde metal act, taking influences from a widerspectrum and having more experimentation on its music, as well asa heavy use of non-tonal solos and melodies, it has been stated thatdespite this change the orchestral and Middle-East sound found onprevious release will still be part of the second album, which will beout in APRIL 2020. This release also introduces the 8 DIMENSIONALAUDIO effect on some songs as well as a real choir ensamble and aprehispanic instruments ensamble. Three singles have been releasedalready, more info below. All the music on the project is written,arranged and performed by The Outsider (except where noted)The lyrics written for the project are obscure. A part of them areheavily inspired by the cosmic horror writting style by H.P.Lovecraft, specially for the first releases. For the new album,Lovecraft inspired lyrics will still be present but the concept of thealbum will be about horror that can be found in humanity, society,human psyche as well as dark sci-fi scenarios and mythology.The Outsider has also been interviewed by many specializedwebsites, radio programs and even newspapers in Mexico Theproject has also been mentioned in some specialized websites andblogs around the world.The Outsider is also know for having very special guests fromimportant bands in his releases.


The Outsider Full-length 2016  
Orchestral Renditions from the Unknown Full-length 2017  
Ancient Beast of the Apocalypse EP 2018  
Suicide Is Progress Single 2019  
The Headless Horror Single 2020

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