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Umblessed's new album, titled "Murder of Hope" is delayed until July / August this year, due to COVI19.

UNBLESSED was formulated during 1999 as an attempt by guitarist Paul Callahan and guitarist Jorge Castro to fuse Black Metal with Gothenburg Death Metal style. Joining the pair would be drummer Ivan Graepp and subsequently bassist Felipe Rodriguez.

During 2001 frontman Diego Yañez was inducted to complete the first Unblessed..s line-up, but by the following year his position had been taken by Roberto Barraza for recording of the demo session 'Monolith From Beyond'. that was recorded in Spectro studios at 2002, the changes in line up make to the band upload the demo in their website for free, this opened a lot of gates for the band.

UNBLESSED would lose the services of both Barraza and Rodriguez, necessitating Callahan taking lead vocal responsibilities. Gerardo Hormazábal came in to cover bass in March of 2003 but shortly after the band found itself drummerless. then Jorge Castro leaves the band and he is replaced by Rodrigo Tuteleers, Ivan Graepp is replaced by Carlos Retamales. Then Blackgoat recs. produced as EP ¨Monolith from beyond¨ at 2004. This line up continue until 2005 when Hórmazabal and Tuteleers leave the band.

At these times the the line up was Paul Callahan (guitar/vocals); Jonathan Reig (bass); Carlos Retamales (drums) and Rodrigo Brissos (guitar). The band has played in Brazil, Rio de janeiro, Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Talca, Puerto Montt, Temuco, Iquique, Arica, Rancagua, Valparaiso, Melipilla, El Monte and in their hometown Santiago many times.

The band´s debut album "Burning Your Faith" was released in January 2009. In February of that year, the band opened for Sinister. Singles from that album were shot by Abysmo prods, becoming the bands first videoclips, "Burning your Faith" and "Viral Killing".

On late 2009 the band entered DB Audiostudio to record their 2nd CD, entitled "Man has killed God", date of release in August 28 (2010) under Australis Recs in a deluxe digipack edition. The band also flimed the videoclip for "Misery Torment", included on the CD and the same year the band has released their first international tour on Brazil.

At 2014 Unblessed releases his homonimus third album, A DVD called "The bane shal rise" and his first tour for europe, playing on countries like Hungary, France, Spain, Slovaquia and Switzerland. At 2015 played On "Criminal Metal Camp", Córdoba, Argentina.

At 2017 the band and Australis Out the foruth album called "Killing your last drop of innocence" and also get on another international tour in the countries UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany and Sinfest metalfest on Malta 2018. The line up is conformed by Paul Callahan (guitar/vocals); Jonathan Reig (bass); Carlos Vargas (drums) and Benjamín Monsalve (guitar).
Band is now releasing a compilation album called "20 Years of rawness & dementia" at 2019.
The band is now recording the fifth Full lenght and seventh work on Studio named "Murdering hope" 2019 under an american label Ah Puch & Inframundo Records and planning seriously go to the States on tour again.Unblessed has finished the last recording, the album Murdering hope. They have an upcoming Eurotour 2020 and recently they unchained an documentary on youtube and double DVD about their history. Album Murderimg hope will be out soon, prbably july or august from this year.

Monolith from Beyond EP 2002  
Burning Your Faith Full-length 2007  
Man Has Killed God Full-length 2010  
Unblessing Souls - Ten Years of War Video 2012  
The Sinister Alliance Split 2012  
Unblessed Full-length 2014  
The Bane Shall Rise Video 2014  
Killing Your Last Drop of Innocence Full-length 2017

01 Beyond the cramp
02 Irreverence irreversible
03 Murdering hope
04 S.E.N.A.M.E.
05 Braveness into me
06 Nefasto
07 I damn you
08 Autoboycot
09 No gods, no masters
10 Trust

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