Saturday, May 23, 2020

2 new track debuts from Panopticon and Canis Dirus!

Panopticon - Live Migration
Album Details
-2LP, standard Weight
-Crystal Clear vinyl with Orange and Purple splatter
-UV printing on jacket
-Heavy weight jacket with a single pocket and 5MM spine
-Comes with a CD

It has taken time and evolution for Austin Lunn to realize a full Panopticon line-up that had the talent and power to help him bring his personal musical vision in front of an audience. But since he has, Panopticon has devastated wherever they play and with this special release/performance captured in 2018 at the Migration festival in Pittsburgh, PA, you too can hear this band on fire and quite comfortable in front of a packed house.

Captured, mixed and mastered by Spenser Morris, this live set possesses a clarity and ferocity that almost sounds like it was recorded in a studio!
Preview a track here

Canis Dirus - Independence to the Beast
Album Details
-Standard weight
-Bone White Vinyl
-2 Sided Insert
-Comes with a CD!

“Canis Dirus is an expression of the life, death and rebirth cycle of our own existence. It is the dichotomy of loss and gain, birth and death, sorrow and triumph as well as prey and predator. Taking the name from the dire wolf, a prehistoric apex predator which existed in our own area of the world over 100,000 years ago, our music is an exploration of the brutal nature that surrounds us.”

Bindrune continues to nurture the firestorm set deep within the Minnesotan landscapes, this time embracing the tortured and emotive black metal style of the long running duo, Canis Dirus. Featuring the open minded and unique writing style of sole songwriter of the band, Todd Paulson (Uvall, Celestial Sea and Dormant), Canis Dirus has evolved dramatically from humble black metal beginnings, to be a truly scary musical entity that reflects and redirects some really rather scaring life trials and tribulations into the stripped bare and interesting union of black metal and folk. Rob Hames’ vocals further stir this intense union through unhinged screams and more of a narrated chanting style.

It has been 7 long years since the bands Anden Om Norr full-length… a lot has happened on a personal level during that time and we are thrilled to unleash their impending new full-length upon all of you!

We released 2 more tracks today from both the Panopticon - live Migration and Canis Dirus - Independence to the Beast albums that will be released on June 19th!

Check out "Snow Burdened Branches" and "Father" on the Bindrune Recordings youtube page here: BINDRUNE RECORDINGS YOUTUBE PORTAL

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The following 2 titles are now available for Pre-Order:

-Panopticon - Live Migration 2LP/CD
-Canis Dirus - Independence to the Beast LP/CD

Along with a C.D. shirt design and patches for both bands!

Both titles will be available soon in Europe through Season of Mist!

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