Wednesday, May 27, 2020

37 years of DIO's "Holy Diver", by Javier Barba Vallejo.

Today I want to pay tribute to one of the biggest, best and greatest records in Heavy Metal history, which is 37 years old since its publication,.
This is Holy Diver, the first solo album by Ronald James Padavona better known as Ronnie James Dio (1942 - 2010), which recently marked the tenth anniversary of his death.
After being a singer in Elf, Richie Blackmore recruited him for his band Rainbow where his albums have become cult in Hard Rock.
After his departure from Rainbow he went to Black Sabbath no more and no less, keeping these in the front line of Metal with very good records after the departure of Ozzy Osbourne, until he left Sabbath, thinking of his own project.Ronnie produced the album Holy Diver (1983) and with it he began his solo career, discovering the young and talented guitarist Vivian Campell (Dio, Riverdogs, Whitesnake) currently for years in Def Leppard, debuting alongside two other already veteran musicians. and acquaintances of Dio Jimmy Bain and Vinnie Appice.
Being Holy Diver one of the most important albums of the genre, together with Dio's characteristic timbre of voice and the quintessential gesture of Metal, the "Mano Cornuta" typical of his Italian ancestry.He continued with a career of great albums and success ups and downs as in almost all bands have happened, he alternated his solo career, with meetings with his former Black Sabbath colleagues, called Heaven & Hell,until his death on 5/16/2010.

Remembered as "The voice" the best Heavy Metal singer and a very good person to all those who knew him.I personally saw Dio whenever he came to Barcelona and I still remember at the first international Heavy Metal festival of several days in the country, the first Metalmania (Rock n Rock) I think it was in 2002, with almost all the first line of international groups put there and ........The great winner without a doubt of the festival according to the public was Dio.
P.S.By the way in Satan Things we have the poster of his first visit to Barcelona in 1987 with the Dream Evil Tour taking Helloween as a special guest who presented their first Kepper Of Seven Keys.In case anyone is interested in a very cool memory of him in our city.

 For those of you who are concert poster collectors, Javier Barba Vallejo sells concert posters of many bands that passed and pass through Spain. 


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