Saturday, May 30, 2020

Heist 2-11

“A breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale environment.”“ Brilliant all round. In actual fact it's a masterclass. 10/10”“

Heist 2-11 seem destined for the big leagues of rock and metal. They are clearly ambitious andwith this EP, they prove they’ve got the songs for it too. Punchy groove with catchy chorusesand melodic hooks, its easy to draw comparisons to some of the bigger bands out there. A little bit of Stone Sour, a little bit of Five Finger Death Punch and a whole lot of metal.”“Each track delivers a gut-punch of heaviness while also showing off an ear for variety and showmanship.”“Heist 2-11 take me back to when I first started to listen to Metal, bringing back that originalsound but with an edge- With strong vocals and smashing riffs, you’ll want to get up and headbang.”“Well written, original and intriguing. I look forward to hearing more from them.”“Chock full of awesomness- check them out and buy the EP, it`s absolutely brilliant!!”“Thank you for sharing your music with me... I don`t like it....I F**KING LOVE IT!!!

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