Sunday, May 31, 2020

INSTIGATE "Echoes Of A Dying World" (June 5th 2020)

Featuring Death Metal veterans who militated in bands like Bloodtruth, Dying Fetus and Demiurgon, INSTIGATE is a new incarnation of grinding and moshing brutality! A ruthless full frontal assault!

Instigate is a Death Metal band from Italy that was initially forged in 2019 by the guitarist Stefano Rossi Ciucci and the bassist Riccardo Rogari, songwriters of the band Bloodtruth with which they released 2 albums and appeared in plenty of shows worldwide. They decided to create a brand new band named INSTIGATE with their old time friend Stefano Borciani, voice of the italian brutal death metal band Demiurgon.
During the Nile and Suffocation "What Should not be Unearthed" European tour, Stefano and Riccardo got in touch with the mighty drummer Kevin Talley (Chimaira, Dying Feturs, Misery Index & Suffocation among the others) and they convinced him to be part of the team and to record their new material.
During the early 2020 COVID quarantine while locked in their houses, they started to record the EP "Echoes of Dying World" with mighty producer Stefano Morabito from 16th Cellar Studios reamping and mixing what they were recording.
A new album is already on the starting grid.

For fans of:
Dying Fetus, Suffocation, Dyscarnate


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