Saturday, May 30, 2020

Mindless Sinner interview

01 - For starters, thanks for answering this interview.
Hey thanx for having us.
02 - To start, tell us the principles of the band, at the beginning you called each other
Purple Haze, Genocide and Mindless. When did you decide to call yourself Mindless

We settled for Mindless Sinner in 1982 I guess.
03 - You have recorded an Ep, 3 singles a director and with Poltergeist there will be 4

What changes have they had since those first jobs until they reached Poltergeist?
We have hopefully evolved as a band and the albums getting better and better.
04 - Is the training the same?
Yes we get together and just play and sometimes ideas are popping up for new
songs or someone in the band has an idea that we can work on.
05 - Now, after several years of silence, you are back with a new album, all in the line
of powerful heavy metal that you used to do with your original brand.

Yes we are a little bit lazy so it can take some time between the recordings ☺ ☺
06 - What can people who don't know you expect with this new album?
I guess and hope that they will get an album with exiting music and that the will like
what they hear.
07 - It is easier to record an album now, than in the 80s, with today's technology.
Absolutely , but it’s also easy to fall back and be lazy. The recording will take forever
sometimes especially when you have as we do your own studio and there’s no time
limit for the recording.
08 - Old school fans believe that when big bands like AC / DC, Judas Priest, Saxon ..
disappear Heavy Metal will disappear (I am not among them) what do you think?

There will always be new bands that are willing to take over so I don’t’ worry about
that. Surely all of our heroes will be missed but there will be new heroes to whorship.
09 - How do you see the metal scene today?
I guess it’s pretty healty with both old and new bands.
10 - Now with the pandemic, all Summer Festivals and concerts have been canceled.
In Spain when everything returns to normal, the government has said that concerts can be
held in theaters,but only with 30% of the capacity of the room, do you think that is not bad for the bands and the promoters?

I don’t know. The only thing that matters is that we can go on and do shows so it’s ok
I guess.
11 - Here many musicians from their homes have made videos with one of their
songs for the fans, you have done something like that?

No we haven’t done that. I guess it’s not our thing.
12 - POLTERGEIST is the second album with Pure Steel Records, one of the labels
that reminds me of labels from the 80s like Music For Nations, Roadrunner, Noise ... because of the number of good bands it has. What do you think of it?

They are a great bunch of people with a burning ambition for what they do.
13 - Finally say what you want?
Well thanx for the interview and we hope to see you soon in Spain.
It’s gonna be a Heavy Metal Mayhem!!!!!

We hope to see you soon playing in Spain, a hug.


Didac López/Bathory´zine

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