Saturday, May 30, 2020

Sxuperion - Omniscient Pulse

Sxuperion is proud to reveal new album Omniscient Pulse.  Sxuperion (solo project of Matthew, drummer for Valdur, Weverin, etc.) is a full length of deep-space atmospheric, irreligious Death Metal.

Omniscient Pulse is based on how this current reality is just a deep-sleep dream, and when one dies in this life, you awaken on a different world in a further dimension.  And on that new world, the battle truly begins.  The story continues combining ultimate darkness and divine beauty, along with cruel simplicity and cosmic complexity… a new universe awaits.


Album Credits:

Matthew: All interstellar hyper-cannons, 4 and 6 string theory frequencies, cosmic poetry, deep-space esophagus oscillations, light-speed effects development, control-panel mixing, and final irreligious design.

Psykho Kombat: devout Ritual Room final mastering


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