Monday, May 25, 2020

Review BLACK KNIGHT Road To Victory (2020).

Road To Victory (2020).

New album by this Dutch band that when you listen to it it is clear that they have tablesmany tables and is that the band was already fighting for that distant one already in 1981.
They have not lavished a lot and its production is little (it seems that  this album is the third) but they dominate. And go if they dominate.It is a classic heavybut with a more updatedsound without ever losing its roots. Already with thefirst song, the one with the album's title, Road to Victory, the style and tone are already clear to youto be followed throughout the work.
Good heavy,with good changes and getting a good taste in the mouth.Legend is one more point, getting a little more catchy. The truth is that thesinger meets and music,with his personality, gives that touch to the group that makes them enter good.And it goes very well.
From the second theme it is already more linear without being boring or muchless. The themes are going well but withoutexcessively highlighting each other or falling intobe repetitive,difficult thing but that these people achieve.It is not that it is a great one of those to make a legend but it is one of those that you have a great timelistening and it makes you fun. It lasts 8 songsand with some surprise that It gives it even more good flavor, that surprise is Crossing the Rubicon. It starts out seeming to beone more subject to become the slow one of the album but with a more
than remarkable feeling. The singerit gives a very good melodic register filling the song with a lot of feeling. Along thethe 7 minutesa different subject is seen but the truth, that interesting to listen.
After this turning point, Primal Power plays, which is cane and more accelerated. T0 Sometimes it reminds Jag Panzer or even at some point Judas Priest but it is a subject thatIt is back in the sling of the disc.The icing, for the end or that seems to be the philosophy of the album. The One to Blame theme rescued from the 1986 demo and revamped. Pure Heavy Metal. Wilder and purer giving it aworthy ending to the album, rescuing this pearl from oblivion.
In short, an album that wins with listening and that leaves a good taste in your mouth. Maybe I don't know . Discover nothing new but it is a while more enjoyable and that today is already a lot.
Totally recommendable.

                 Review Alex Mandel

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