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The beginning of the band Vitrol, dates back to the end of the last century, specifically in June 1999, when four kids from Ibiza decided to start a band, which brought together all their influences and musical tastes, Thrash, Black, Hardcore / Punk.
In the first years of life, the band played in numerous town festivals, festivals and halls on the island, becoming the only band in Ibiza that was chosen for the final of the Govern Balearic contest, Art Jove 2001. They released 3 models , which sold very well.
The band since its inception was formed by Juanjo Vitrol (voice), Jos Cardona (bass) and David Romero (drums and backing vocals), but in late 2005 after several guitarists passed through their ranks, the band dissolved. Its three components gave birth to the band Occultum Lapidem who recorded an album but that is another story.
In 2014 Juanjo, Jos and David decided to resurrect the band, joining David Amores guitarist of the now defunct band Taxuelas, perfectly fitting the style and philosophy of the band, they have played in many rooms on the island, peninsula and the hall Linse (Berlin), are currently mired in their studio album Alma Podrida which came out in April 2020.
 Alma Podrida: Debut album, April 2020
Recorded by: David Amores
Mix and master: JFT third productions
Cover: Alejandro Blasi Art
Intro: Composed by Danny Growl (former band member)
Photography: José Antonio Romero
Retouch and photography effect: Juanjo Vitrol
(Démons Records)
Juanjo Vitrol (voice) 
David Amores (guitar) 
Jos Cardona (bass) 
David Romero (drums)
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