Friday, May 22, 2020


The new Blomst single is a perfect punk-rock track for springtime and for anyone in need of some uplifting, feel-good tunes. It's time to kick your shoes of and dance! 
Songwriter and frontwoman Ida Dorthea Horpestad on the single: "It is a song about what happens when you’re in love, but it doesn’t work out. You have given everything, taken a leap of faith and end up alone hoping that you’ve at least made an impression. That you’ll be remembered. That you dared to be vulnerable and haven’t been taken for granted. In the end you stand there, left alone like a naive fool." 

Listen to "Dagen Du Traff Meg" HERE!
blomst dagen du traff meg singelcover

Blomst (Eng.: Flower) are an uplifting, energetic and playful punk rock band straight from the garage! With Norwegian lyrics that speak an unfiltered truth they have been praised for their kick-ass frontwoman and catchy songs. Blomst have quickly grown to be one of the finest exemplars of their genre in Norway. Their album “Blomst IL” from 2019 took them to a new level, and now two new songs have been added to the extended version “Blomst IL + ekstraomgang”! "Dagen Du Traff Meg" (Eng.: The day you met me) is the first to be released of the new tracks! 

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