Monday, June 22, 2020

AGAINSTERS ( Review by Pere G.Ejby)

AGAINSTERS is a group recently formed by heavy weights from the state hardcore scene, among its ranks we find Bolo (Subterranean Kids, Tropel Nat, Shit SA, Extermination, Frenopaticss, La Banda Trapera del Rio) to drums, Beni "Dr. Tonyina "(E-150, Fix Me, Manifesto, Kissin Cousins) on guitar, Jordi" Unclu Garrot "(Budellam, Zombie Pujol, Afghanistan Yeye´s) on bass and Macky (Mostros) on vocals.
They just released their first EP "The Breakfast" recorded by Juan Carlos Riutort in Trash Zone Studio and released under the collaboration of different labels:
-Resistterror (Alicante)
-Little Jan's Hammer (BCN)
-El Lokal (BCN)
-Guerrilla Vinyl (Limoges, FR)
-BCore (BCN)
-Il.logic (BCN)
-Trashtocat (BCN)
-Maltraste Records (Palma)
-Mitternacht Platten (Gasteiz)

In it we can find 4 songs of our own plus the version of The Saints "Erotic Neurotic", a punk rock bomb with great influences from the punk of the 70's although sounding fresh and current. Live they give off a lot of energy and play several versions that are practically hymns within hardcore punk like The Gits' Second Skin,
This month they should have played at the Summer Blast festival together with big names like Judge, Spermbirds or Slapshot among others, but the pandemic has made everything have to be postponed for a while, we hope that this project will continue with many more and new concerts recordings.
You can listen to his EP at

Review by Pere G. Ejby

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