Saturday, June 27, 2020

AlNamrood - Wala'at (Review by Varg The Mighty)

Following their extense discography of unique music, Saudi Arabian AlNamrood have released this year a new album, “Wala’at”.
This band is completely unique and interesting to hear, as they do folk black metal, but Arabian folk.
Especially on this album, the folk part is very big, with the black metal being a secondary part. Their approach to the genre with instruments of their own culture and in some bits percussion instead of drums also enhances the singularity of the music.
 Even though the melodies don’t seem too complex, they use all the influence they can find from Arabian music, bringing us scales and sounds that may have never been heard in European or American black metal. They also notably sing in their own language with some very menacing vocals that may even scare the most extreme metalhead, and very few metal bands have sung in this language.
This is a fun album to listen if you’re in the mood for a different approach to metal, and it is very respectable to find a band like this one in a country where their anti-religious songs may cost them persecution.
I also recommend this album to people who want to learn about folk music of different cultures and how to mix it with metal. Studying the music that AlNamrood do can help a lot to figure out how to evolve and expend even more the horizons of black metal.

Review by Varg The Mighty

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