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"As de espadas" 1984

"1984" is a record full of energy and innovation. With a base of classic Hard rock brought about by their guitarist Virgi, the album delves into more metallic and experimental sounds from the hand of guitarist Carlos Creator, leaving for his singer Luisma the task of delving into poetic and narrative atmospheres much more complex than the

that the great majority of the heavy bands in Spanish of the time accustomed us.

Instrumentally closer to international groups, Luisma's lyrics are the ones identified by the group's identity and one of the most outstanding and differential points with respect to other formations that at that time were taking the top positions in the panorama of the heavy state.
If you are interested in the archeology of heavy in Spanish, this album is undoubtedly a great testament to another way of understanding metal from the mid-80s. Too bad the band's trajectory lasted only a few years (1982-1984) and that no album will ever be released, which we fixed with the release of this album which after almost 40 years at the bottom of a closet is recovered by Rockstudios, and now edited by Guns of Brixton with the collaboration of three labels specialized in metal: Demons Records, Gadir Records and Heroes of Worship.

-Virgi: Guitarist and rock guru has militated in a multitude of projects such as Zanahoria Eléctrica, M.C.D., Primitives ... He has influenced many musicians and guitarists in the town. His contributions to the philosophy of rock, the sound and the technique of so many guitarists have helped a good number of artists to evolve and create innovative projects on the Bilbao heavy-rock scene.

-José Escartín: Drums teacher and professional drummer has influenced a large number of drummers in Bizkaia. His sense of percussive elegance has been an example for many.
-Iñaki Susunaga: Bassist for groups like Talión, Exodo, Lion-Heart, etc ... He is a bass virtuoso.

-Luisma Bueno: Singer and graphic designer, he was the future singer of Exodo and 16 Valves, two fundamental formations in the heavy scene. In addition, Luisma is the artist of the skull on the cover.

-Carlos Creator: In Ace of Swords I learned the basics of what would become my Rock philosophy in the future

José Escartín: Drums

Virgilio Benítez (Virgi): Guitar

Carlos Creator: Guitar

Iñaki Susunaga: Bass

Luisma Bueno: Voice

1984 was recorded live, in two sessions: one at the Las Llanas Soccer Field in

Sestao, Bizkaia, where nine songs were recorded by Pablo Cabeza and the second was performed at the Escusa venue, where Juan “Impecables” recorded seven songs. Carlos Creator has been in charge of producing the album. All the songs on the album "As de Espadas 1984" have been remastered at Rockstudios in Bilbao.

-Hasta el final
-Pobre pecador
-Reina de la noche
-Sangre en las venas
-La noche
-Juicio final
-Hasta el final
-La noche
-Pobre pecador
-Sangre en las venas
-A la carga
-Mala fama

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