Saturday, June 13, 2020


They are a very young formation, from Barcelona, ​​which despite this they already have
race behind him. The band was formed in 2014 and since then
They have been working on their style. They make Metalcore quite aggressive and with
a very good production. In addition they have already gone through some of the
most important national stages such as the ROCK FEST of
Barcelona. They have supported great bands of the genre such as: The
Agonist, Infected Rain or Jinjer.
So far they have 3 record works: Dystopia from 2015,
Singularity of 2017 and his latest album Unneth of 2018, via
Wormholedeath Recors (Warner Mudic Group) / The Orchard (Sony Music),
that has allowed them to cross borders and make some presentations
at European level.

They are currently in the process of composition to get their new
Dystopia     EP     2015    
Singularity     Single     2017    
Unneth     Full-length     2018


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