Monday, June 1, 2020

Bring Out Your Dead

In A Blink Of A Snake's Eyes
Mad Girl's Love Song
Kot Beremot
Out Run
Rain Over Fire
Bring Out Your Dead is the new band formed by members of two of the most relevant underground groups in our country in the last decade, such as Gauntlet and Unsouled. Both with a recognized musical career, with several albums and hundreds of concerts behind them, touring throughout Spain on several occasions and on a joint tour of Europe.

 This project based on years of experience brings the strength and freshness of something totally new. Recorded and mixed by Carlos Santos at Sadman Studios and mastered by Jens Bogren on Fascination Street in Sweden, "B. O. Y. D." It contains seven songs that are difficult to corset simply with the label "Metal", since they fuse different styles in a very personal sound proposal, with complex passage developments integrated into songs impregnated with hook and forcefulness.

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