Monday, June 29, 2020

Bull Elephant – Created From Death (Review by Varg The Mighty)

This August the anonymous UK band Bull Elephant will release their second album, “Created From Death”.
This band merges a few metal subgenres to create a curiously unique sound. They mainly play progressive metal, but with some tints of death doom, heavy metal and even grunge.
On this album the death doom side of it is nearly inexistent compared to their first album, and besides some bits that sound like Judas Priest or Loudness, they mostly seem like something between Tool and Pearl Jam. This combination is quite odd when you add the slowness of doom to some unexpected parts, but it definitely makes the band different than the rest of the metal scene.
While this album may be much lighter than their self-titled debut, that doesn’t mean it’s less catchy or that it isn’t so elaborate and original. Even if it leans on a more progressive side, it still includes heavy parts, like the beginning of “Lebensraum”.
This band’s music is very unpredictable, you can’t say if you’ll be listening to crushingly slow death metal or soft and elaborate rock. It will definitely be interesting to hear their approach in any further album they release.
This album is for people who enjoy progressive music, but who also enjoy sudden changes in their songs.

Review by Varg The Mighty

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