Thursday, June 18, 2020

Chasing After Alice ´Melodic Metal

Rachel Thompson - Vocals
Justin Beamon - Drums
Garrett Baker - Bass
Dustin Belanger - Guitar
Carson Carter - Guitar
Chasing After Alice is a melodic metal band born and raised in Austin, TX. Their sound is a perfect mix of progressive metal with an old melodic soul. The songs have something for everyone, you can headbang and thrash to brutal breakdowns, dance to catchy choruses, sing along to melodic verses and scream with every emotive bridge and group chant. The only thing that beats their self produced, recorded sound is the pure, unadulterated energy of their live performance. 

The group is made up of Dustin Belanger (Guitar), Justin Beamon (Drums), Carson Carter (Guitar), Garett Baker (Bass) and Rachel Thompson (Vocalist). Dustin, Justin and Rachel met when they were 9 and 10 years old and Rachel was the tallest member. (oh how things have changed) Due to the abundant teen band scene in Austin they were able to cultivate their love of music and skill. After meeting guitarist and producer, Carson, they were able to create a truly new and unique sound that has followed them ever since. They released their first EP, Down the Rabbit Hole in 2015 and a few short years later met bassist and the perfect 5th to the family, Garret.  

CAA’s most recent EP release, Begin., represents a new, more progessive and story driven sound then they have ever attempted before. The lyrics are full of personal experience and woe in hopes their audience can find something to relate to and grab ahold of. The single off of Begin. “Trixter,” was paired with a music video that gives a small taste of the energy and love that seeps off the stage in their live shows. 

Chasing After Alice has been playing the Austin music scene for years. They have seen it grow and change and have grown and changed right along with it. They have developed a family bond not only between themselves but with many of the bands they perform with and they would love to invite you to be part of it. Join the madness and they promise, as long as you're with Alice, you will never really be alone. 

Be on the lookout for their new single and music video “A Beautiful Catastrophe,” in late March as well as a recap video of their time in Mexico City playing KnotFest!

CALL  (512) 710-5661

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