Sunday, June 21, 2020

CUTTIN´ EDGE - "Face Down" (Review by Pere G,Ejby)

CUTTIN´ EDGE is a group formed in 2018 in Edinburgh, Scotland and they have recently released their debut album "Face Down" through the Dutch label Rebellion Records. The group is made up of Chino on drums, Luca on bass, Luigi on guitar and Roddy on vocals.
The cover of his album subtly reminds that of "The Massacre" of The Exploited and this is not the only comparison that can be made between the two groups, the torn voice of his singer sometimes reminds that of Wattie Buchan, in other Sometimes it resembles the voice of One Way System.
Musically they recall the more metallic Exploited in the more accelerated songs, especially in the guitar solos, you can also see an air of the Germans Böhse Onkelz, in addition to a notable influence of Oi music with those so catchy choruses.
In short, an album with brushstrokes of different ways of understanding music that will delight a wide range of people.

Review by Pere G,Ejby

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