Wednesday, June 24, 2020

DEATH & LEGACY - INF3RNO (Review by Alex Mandel)

Inf3rno (2020).

Third album by this Zamora group. I confess that I did not know very well what I was going to find. The truth is that they have confused me and that is good because it has forced me to pay close attention to them.
Pray, the first song, reminded me of Midnight and thought they would be more throwing thrash black, Salvation misleads me again and I see more influences from Children of Bodom. Investigating I see that they have influences from groups like Arch Enemy. And it is so, but influences, I do not trace. They develop their own style, their own personality. Mixing various influences. Music is dynamic and quite personal. The songs follow one after the other and the riffs give it enough wax. That mix of metal with melodic parts they carry very worthily and combining guttural voices and more melodic choruses suit them well as they demonstrate in Insane.
The bullshit they give to some topics is very positive, in my opinion, it makes you pay attention to them and they demand it in abundance. The riffs are very varied in terms of style, Carnage for example seems even black at first but in In Time, the last theme of this work, they are very heavy at times. As a closure, it is perhaps the softest theme to say the least, with more classic fragments within the metal.
It is an album that gets your attention, they know very well how to play their cards. Now to see how fortune smiles at them.

Review by Alex Mandel

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