Monday, June 22, 2020

Decrepid - Endless Sea Of Graves (Review by Varg The Mighty)

On July 7th Decrepid’s third full-length “Endless Sea Of Graves” will be released, marking their last album with guitarist Steve Brennan after more than 10 years in the band.
On this album, the UK death metal band offers us unceasing, heavy pounding riffs in a classic approach to their genre, perhaps similar to Benediction or other English bands, with just the right production quality, not too bad but definitely not a super production. This sound fits perfectly with the music.
On this album we find more elaborate and variated composition, in contrast with their previous and much more monotonous “Osseous Empire”. While the songs are also classic death metal, you can hear more tempo changes and interesting melodies, but without falling into a virtuosity that doesn’t fit well in the genre. The guitars have overall the right amount of technique to deliver heavy and original music to the listeners.
What’s most interesting is the title track, a 14-minute-long song that ends the album perfectly, giving an unexpected sound in contrast to the other more conventional songs, where despite the length there isn’t any bit of rest with all the mesmerizing melodies and the greatly placed bass intro.
This is definitely the band’s best full-length up to date, and hopefully their next albums will continue in this one’s style and a change of guitarist won’t worsen the result.
Review by Varg The Mighty

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