Monday, June 29, 2020


 Music is unity! This is the motto that also unites the members of Disillusive Play. A no-destination journey with the sole goal of writing and producing the music of our hearts and communicating it to our fans, pure, unfiltered and full of energy in every live. Disillusive Play is a band based in Athens, Greece that has been together since 2014 (although its concept dates back to 2009).
Disillusive Play music can be considered mainly as Hard/Heavy Rock but always with a Metal attitude and some Progressive nuances.
The band has a strong presence in local live scene with many lives together with well-known local artists and bands such as: “La Tulipe Noire”,”The Silent Wedding”, “Social Scream” and many more, together with a powerful presence in local music festivals and club gigs.
Disillusive Play are: Antigoni Kalamara: Voice / Jim Knikos: Guitar / Trivizas Fotis: Guitar / Maria Izzy: Bass / Dolianitis Aris: Drums

“Open Arms” is Disillusive Play’s first full release. Lyrically, the album covers aspects of life such as love, continuance of past mistakes by new generations, loneliness and solitude, anxiety of an unsafe future and more.
The new album is featuring Johnny Thermos of "THE SILENT WEDDING" on keyboards.
The 9+1 compositions have a modern hard rock and metal sound with some progressive parts and nuances.

"OPEN ARMS" has been released @ January 19 and is available for purchase and streaming in all major digital music platforms.

Album artwork is made by DIGITAL GRIEF (also known for Chaostar, Odious, 4bitten, Diviner etc).
All the recordings and production for the new album has been made @ UNDERGROUND MUSIC STUDIOS by Jimmy Katsaros.


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