Thursday, June 18, 2020

Entera - Melodic Thrash Metal/Germany

When it comes to iconic thrash metal bands from Germany, ENTERA should not be missing. Founded at the beginning of the 90s, the people of Nuremberg have already enjoyed great success across borders. Stay honest and straightforward in your style, but still develop consistently - ENTERA manage to defy the mainstream even after almost 30 years.
Well over 300 gigs are an indication that ENTERA knows what is important for a good gig. The basis can be described as Thrash Metal, but the sound of ENTERA harbors further facets that always reveal themselves when you listen carefully. So you can always find influences from the death and even power metal in the music of Nuremberg. No wonder that this band remains exciting even after almost 30 years. Each CD sounds different and shows the potential that is still dormant in this band.

To put it in the words of band founder Carsten: "Metal for metal crazy"! There is hardly anything to add to that. Fun is not always the focus. In their texts, ENTERA not only deal with the passion for heavy metal, but also tackle serious and socially critical topics, which is also extremely important today.
Tracl List : 
 1.     Fake Persons     04:45     
2.     Pay to Play     03:21     
3.     Never Reached Aspirations     04:00     
4.     Getting Old Is Shit     05:17     
5.     War of the Zombies     04:13     
6.     I Just Can't Hear It Anymore     04:28     
7.     Playbak     04:23     
8.     One Week Left     03:24     
9.     Betrayal Against Time     01:14     
10.     Here I Am, What I Am     03:42     
11.     Chatterbox     03:43     
12.     Pagar por pagar     03:21
Crossing     EP     1993    
Betrayal Against Time     Full-length     2000    
Believe, Fight or Die     Full-length     2003    
Daily Terror     EP     2008    
The War Goes On     Full-length     2012    
The Pit Is Ours     EP     2015    
Hate Factory     Full-length     2020  
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