Thursday, June 11, 2020

EVIL INCARNATE - Death Metal / United States

The Kings of Blasphemy Evil incarnate was formed in 1996 by Michael Eisenhauer main Musical creator and contributor while still an Active member of Num Skull (R.I.P.) mike recorded Demo “Beyond Blasphemy.” Upon Recruiting ex- Masada, Nocturnal  and Viogression Drummer Andy Vehnekamp they Recorded Demo “Deliverance from Salvation” with Num Skull Guitarist Tom Brandner.
After receiving great press Worldwide permanent Guitarists Rob Rigney and Dave Gally from Fear Spawned Religion joined and the band recorded Evil Incarnate Demo and began live Assaults. Next came the Demo “Christ Destroyed “ and a Independent Label contract was signed with DeathGasm Records to release both Demos of the Live Lineups efforts as a Debut CD in 1998 Titled “Blood of The Saints.” A series of Global Licensing deals on Various Formats Follows and it was in 1999 that the Christ Haters released “Blackest Hymns of Gods Disgrace” also with DeathGasm Records and Tom Brandner doing Guitar solos. Soon a European Licensing with German Label Morbid Records/SPV, a Vynal LP with Hells Headbangers and several other Cassette licensing deals Globally came about and in December of 2001 The band as a 3 Piece, with Aaron Moravic Drumming.
After the 9-11 Attack and against The State Department advice they Left for a 4 week Mexico and USA Tour.
In 2003 The band released as a 3 Piece with New Drummer Garrett Scanlan from Corpse Vomit and Lividity the Album “Waiting for His Return” on both CD and LP with Hells Headbangers. A series of other Licensing deals around the World followed once again.
It was After many yearly Festival Appearances and Concerts across Multiple States that The band Reunited with Original Drummer Andy Vehnekamp in 2005 and Rob Rigney was replaced for Continued Live events with Christopher from Czech band Krabathor. In 2007 Rob Reunited with The Kult, Christopher left and in 2008 they recorded a  2 song Demo that only seen a handful of copies distributed and was released to YouTube. After seeking yet again a new drummer and guitarist Founder Michael Eisenhauer found himself keeping things together with an ever changing lineup to perform shows. It was at this point that the band took a Hiatus.
In 2017 EvilMike entered Mercenary Studio to Record The bands latest Blasphemes with Scott Creakmore Num Skull and Broken Hope Programming Drums and once more Tom Brandner Performing Solos and Skip Mcgullam Num Skull “Ritually Abused” as Guest Vocalists.This Full length Release would be Titled Evil Incarnate “Depopulation Agenda.” The Monstrous new release once again Written by Michael Eisenhauer has been released on Bestial Burst Records Finland(Europe), DarkPath Records Asia, and next releases are Strangulation Records Colombia and also Unholy Black Records Mexico. Expect a Vynal and also various other Licensing's to soon Follow.
Between focusing on Michaels new band Creation Luna In Sanguinem A live Touring Lineup has been learning the set list and as soon as The Depopulation of The World has begun the World will see its Final Evil Incarnate Tour!

Evil Incarnate     Demo     1997      
Christ Destroyed     Demo     1998      
Blood of the Saints     Compilation     1999      
Blackest Hymns of God's Disgrace     Full-length     2000
Waiting for His Return     Full-length     2005    
Behold: The Endless Glory of Baphomet     Split     2007    
Ennemy of God     Compilation     2008      
Depopulation Agenda     Full-length     2020

Compilation Appearances:
- "Die by the Sword" on Gateway to Hell: Tribute to Slayer (Dwell, 1999)
- "In Nomine Satanas" on In the Sign of the Horns: Tribute to Venom (Dwell, 2000)
- "Symptom of the Universe" on Hell Rules 2: Tribute to Black Sabbath (Dwell, 2000)
- "Tormentor" on Armageddon: Tribute to Destruction (Dwell, 2002)
- "Piece by Piece" on Hell at Last: Tribute to Slayer (Direct Music Group, 2003)
- "The Beast" on Destroyer: Tribute to Twisted Sister (Dwell, 2006)
- "Satanic Wehrmacht Doctrine" on Satanic Skinhead - Declaration of Anti-Semetic Terror (Satanic Skinhead, 2006)
- "Killed by the Lions" on The Night and the Fog Part III - Underground Heathen Hammer ‎(Totenkopf Propaganda, 2007)
- "Killer of Faggots" on Smashing Rainbows ‎(Fetch the Rope, 2007)
- "Smoke of the Holy Ones Burning" on Destruction of the Heavenly Realms Volume IV (Deathgasm, 2009)
- "Lead White People to Victory" on Five Years of Psychosonorous Disfunctions (Magma Pure Underground, 2011)

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