Saturday, June 27, 2020

EXCLUSIVE_ Hedon (SWE) - _The Beast Of A Thousand Demons_ TEASER

AHTOH SKALD released new Ambient album. The new album «YGGDRASIL» was created by Anton "Restless Mind" Gruzinskiy , Mixing and Mastering Theodor Borovski at "Slaughtered Studio". The album give the listener the opportunity to enter a fantasy world, it makes you feel like you are riding on a horse with a sword in your hand and your soul demands a complete victory.

AHTOH SKALD have another 2 releases - EP «I» that was released in October 2019 and full length album «Noone. Never. Eternal.» that was released in May 2020, together with the new album the release is Ambient trilogy.

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