Thursday, June 18, 2020


Extinger emerges from the toxic atmosphere of QuitoEcuador attracted by the aggressiveness of the old man
Heavy, Thrash, Speed ​​and Death Metal that already seemed
forgotten, 4 speed addicted maniacs would give
life this destructive machine that made each
concert a scourge of violence without contemplation
accompanied with a display of energy that
he hypnotized his followers.
The strident rhythm and his dementia monopolized the
care of own and strangers, so they are recruited
by Black Widow Music (Canada) who would edit
Mercy Killing their debut feature that lets them spin
in and out of his hometown as well as
being part of international festivals like
headliner and dominating the followers as
hellish horde.
This group of Social Misfits Gabok, B.A.D.
Breaker, Dave and Aggressive have led to Thrash
Metal to another level and in such a short time the legion
victorious who follows them thinks they're ready to
conquer the world, it is a MISTAKE since the
only purpose of these mutants is to annihilate everything
kind of altar or reign and trample his ashes!
Do you think you can bear so much power? well get ready
and stay in the fight; if you still don't know about their
existence, when you do you will not forget them!

* Ep Imminet Violence
* Lp Mercy Killing
* Compiled Fire, Thunder, Blood & Necromancy (Music Spells Scrolls -Germany)
* Compiled Thrash Till Death
* 7 "Massive Assault (2019)
* Split Kct Extinger - Lasher (2019)
* Single Don't Piss Me Off"(Next to leave)
Gabo  Guitars (2013-2019)
See also: ex-Rotten Company
Fernerd  Vocals (2013-2019)
B.A.D. Breaker  Bass (2015-2019)
See also: Coraje, Soul Steel
Aggressive  Drums (2017-2019)
See also: Aztra, ex-Zigma Detonador

Supporters of International Bands: Bra: Violator, Torture Squad, Dark Tower 
Esp:Baron Rojo, Lust, Howitzer Mex: Transmetal, Lvzbel Col: Masacre, Luciferian, 
Random Revenge, Nepentes Chil: Pentagram, The Noise Bastards Per: Mandragora, 
Thrashtorno Bol : Mortophobia Hol: Legion of the Damned USA: Havok. Argentina: Tungsten, 
Malón, Gallows, Renacer Fra: Pulmonary Fibrosis
Tours: 2 Nationals, 2 National Mini Tours (Torture Squad & Lvzbel) 2 International 
Mini Tours (Colombia and Peru)
 Keep your force alive!

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