Saturday, June 20, 2020

Fatum Aeternum - "Singing Songs of Desperation (Review by Varg The Mighty)

Fatum Aeternum has recently released the EP “Singing Songs Of Desperation”, and with such a name and claiming to play gothic metal, you would expect this band from Israel to deliver dark and grim music, but the result is very different.
Starting with “Depression”, we hear a mysterious guitar melody that seems to be the beginning of an interestingly ominous EP, but they quickly dump this idea for much happier music on the second song, “Prepare For War”.
Instead of having a similitude with the main bands of the genre like Moonspell or Type O Negative, Fatum Aeternum doesn’t actually sound like gothic metal, but more like commercial pop punk bands like The Offspring or hardcore acts like System Of A Down, but with a more symphonic approach which they achieve with the help of a violin and female vocals on some parts. Their musical style on this album reminds a lot to modern Swiss band Silver Dust.
What may make them different from other bands is how they implement sounds from their own country to their poppish style, although on this EP they don’t implement so much characteristics of pop music as in their EP “Dark Glamour”.
This band isn’t for people who like gothic and symphonic metal, but more for fans of a softer, more rock than metal, approach to the genre. Nevertheless, it may be curious to listen to them if you’re in the right mood.
Review by Varg The Mighty

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