Monday, June 22, 2020

Hanibal Death Machine - I have a dream /France

Group members
Batterie: Dorian Loret
Basse: Yann Gerbaud
Guitar: Corentin Altar di alter
Singing: Jean-Luc Loret
Two years ago, Thibault guitarist with Romero's not dead and Blackbats 13 and Jean-Luc singer with Votre Seigneurie and L'Ost stopped these bands and after some time played in the same industrial metal band named Aloïs. These two decided to build up a new project so they started to work on metal music with an horror-show front which ia aimed at breaking the codes but also kick ass.
That way, Hanibal Death Machine was born January 2014.
Raphael who is a bass player joined them, rehearsals started and continued as 3 even 4 per week and in April 2014 they started to play concerts.
Lacking a drummer they used a boom box, which turned out to be a constraint. So in September 2014 Dorian appeared and completed the line up . The band now sounds like doom on stoner riffs with French vocals
A record was made in december 2014 and for their first EP the band chose David Castel producer of Psychup, Dwail, Manimal and many others top-level French bands.
In April 2015 "Birth" was finally realeased and thanks to it they and they met interest from some medias. Singing in french appears to be an asset for the band and they started touring abroad
A twelve day tour in Russia closed these two first years with a unique rock which seduced their audience in Russia against the odds. The press celebrated them, their musical style was a success.
Today, the first chapter of Hanibal Death Machine is closed and from now on they are getting ready for a second album whose name is already chosen : "Sombre Vision" it gets us going !

Call +33 6 80 23 50 63

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