Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Interview with the band Beyond Deth.

01 - The band formed in 2013 with the name of Beyond-De´th, until 2017 that you changed it to the current one, what was the name change?

- I came up with the band name when I was 17-18 years old and after awhile I just thought having the hyphen there was lame as I got older LOL

02 - In 2013 you released the Demo "What Lies" and the following year the Demo "Beyond De-th, then already in 2018, your first album "The Age Of Darkness" what changes have there been from those first recordings to your latest album Accept Your Fate?

- Well with the first 2 demos, we basically had little to no budget and we were also ill prepared for tracking. When it was finally time to do a full length, we had the time and money to improve upon literally everything and the songs were well rehearsed. I should also mention that most of those songs were written roughly 8-12 years ago.

For this most recent release, I actually had to crunch, writing the album in roughly 3-4 months. Lead guitars and drums were written really quick also which I feel lends to a more organic feel to the overall production.

Besides all of that, I have had quite the number of lineup changes but things seem super solid with the current guys.

03 - Have you ever played in other bands before?

- Yes
"Live work"
1. Against the Plagues - rhythm guitar
2. God Dementia - rhythm guitar
3. Mordatorium - bass
4. Disinter - Vocals
5. Born of the Wicked Tribute to Iced Earth - rhythm guitar

Besides recording BD, I was involved with a band called Incessant Collapse and a 2 song demo was put out

04 - How was the compositional process of "Accept Your Fate"?

- Fast lol. Each member had very little time to nail down parts before entering the studio. For myself, I did my best to continue the mixed genre approach which the band will continue to strive for. It can be tough sometimes writing like that

05 - Who composes in the band and what do your lyrics talk about?

- I write all the lyrics and rhythm guitar parts. Once in awhile I will write some chord or single note harmonies but it's mostly John Bravo who takes care of the flashy stuff.

Lyrically, I let the songs decide that. Lyrics always come last for me, but I'm a huge fan of history, sci fi, fiction of the more lore sort of ideas. Stories of gods, armageddon or historical atrocities. Once in awhile I will toss in a more self loathing/deprecating I guess.... suicidal, lack of self worth kind of thing. We've all had those crazy thoughts.

06 - Your second album comes out on June 13 with Vargheist Records, you will be looking forward to presenting it live. I do not know if in the United States, it will be the same as in Europe, here in Spain only 30% of the capacity can enter and those who do not have Tickets will have to be seen via streaming. Do you think that promoters will pay off?

- In terms of shows, at least locally right now in IL, it might be awhile still before we perform. If other surrounding states have less restrictions we would be more than happy to play out. These new tunes are fun to play 

07 - As you have lived through the Pandemic,
- I live simple, not much changed for me besides wearing a mask and disinfecting everything. No shows and limited social interaction does really suck though

08 - You have confirmed dates to present the album.

- June 13th it'll be ready for full public consumption. It would be really cool to play the whole album front to back live

09 - What can a fan of the band expect from this new album?

- If they have been following us for awhile, some of the same but a further push into different genres. Hell, this album has our slowest song to date and our fastest. More riffing and solos as well

10 - Have you been influenced by any band when composing, which bands do you like?

- Oh yeah, all the time. There are so many I love but the ones that had an impact on me are
1. Witchery
2. Hypocrisy
3. Johan Liiva era Arch Enemy
4. Immortal
5. Devin Townsend/SYL
6. Carcass
7. Morbid Angel

11 - Who was the creator of the cover?

- The art for Accept Your Fate was done by a man named Dave Levi

12 - Finally say what you want to people who do not know you yet?

- Don't just listen to 1 or 2 songs and think that you have the band pegged. The whole point of this project is to continue mixing genres to the best of our ability and who knows, there might be some grind, folk and more power metal influenced things in the future. We're not going to limit ourselves to 1 style and things will continue to evolve

Thank you so much.
Didac López / Bathory´zine


Interview by Didac López

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