Thursday, June 11, 2020

Interview with Death & Legacy.

       Interview with Death & Legacy. His guitarist Jesus Camarena answers us.
  01 - Inf3rno is the third album of the band and in which Hynphernia was 
       incorporated to the voice.What has changed from your first works to this
      last one?

Apart from the occasional member of the band, the main thing is that we have 
matured as musicians and as people, and that is reflected both in the music, style 
and lyrics of this latest album.
02 - The lyrics speak about Hell and its different aspects. Who composes the songs 
and what is it based on when writing the lyrics?

Mainly the compositions are carried out by Jesús and Manu, musically speaking, from 
there, we each contribute our ideas. The lyrics are different, it is up to each member to 
contribute their creations or not. In general it is a shared work.
The themes of the songs are about the hell we have to live each day, either around us or 
inside us. They can be personal experiences or ideas about the lives of others.
03 - In this album you have recorded several songs from your first album, why is this?
We wanted to reissue songs from the first album to make clear the new drift of the band 
towards a more powerful and extreme sound, and what better way than to record the 
songs with the voice of Hynphernia and some musical adjustments to make them part of Inf3rno.

04 - How was the compositional process of “Inf3rno”?

Long, hard but rewarding, we have used a lot of effort and hours of work to, little by little, 
polish the themes and everything that surrounds the album, such as the artwork or the Salvation 
clip, and arrive at the final result, fit everything and finish the conceptual work of our latest album, 
05 - With the subject of confinement, you still have not been able to present the album live. 
Have you done any song via streaming?We have some things prepared but we have not yet been 
able to do any streaming, due to this circumstance at this time the concerts are on the air, 
but as soon as they leave us we will go out to present the new album.
06 - You have had the collaboration of Isra Ramos in three songs. How did the idea come up?
Well, we wanted to put a melodic voice in the choruses that would make a counterpoint with the throaty 
voice of Hynphernia, and what better option than to work with Isra Ramos who is a great singer and a 
huge professional apart from an excellent person. We are very happy with the result obtained and it was a 
success to have him and be able to enjoy his work for our album.
07 - As you can see, start playing live in rooms with a third of the capacity? It will be up to the band to play 
and the fans to go to them. I mean, unless there is less capacity, the ticket price is supposed to go up. As you see?

Well, it will be necessary to adapt little by little to what comes both the rooms, as the bands, as the public have to 
make the appropriate decisions to see if the shows continue. And then it will also depend on how the situation develops, 
the pandemic, the de-escalation and others until we can see if it is worth bowling a third of the capacity.

08 - Plans for the immediate future?

Plans for the immediate future are, as soon as possible, go out and turn to present the album. There are some other 
alternative project just in case, which will be seen how it develops and in any case if it can be carried out, it will be 
revealed. But the beginning is to play and present the album.

09 - What can a fan of the band expect to see you live with the new line-up?

We are working hard to prepare the live shows and we want to give it our all, we know that the new album is powerful 
and that we have to go out on stage to leave our skin. And without a doubt that we will do our part so that the show is 
the projection of the new direction that the band has taken.

10 - Musical tastes of the band members?
We like music in general, although there are always preferences. From hard rock to death metal. We each have our favorite
 and cult bands. Metallica, Megadeth, Trivium, Arch Enemy, Septic Flesh ... also serve as inspiration and their influences 
are noticeable in our creations.

11 - Who was the creator of the cover?

We decided that it was Gustavo Sazes, an artist of international level, who has worked with many top-level bands. And the truth
 is that the result is spectacular and we are freaking out with the artwork he has created for our album, a pleasure to have him
 for this work.

12 - Do you already have closed dates to present the album?

We had closed dates, right now everything is in the air, everything will depend on the development of the pandemic. 
Hopefully this has a solution and we can present the album as soon as possible.

13 - How has been the confinement for the members of the band?
Well, as for most, rare, difficult and strange. It has caught us all off guard and we have had to adapt as we could, even today, 
already in the midst of de-escalation, the feeling is of having had a bad dream, although unfortunately it has been very real.

14 - I hope very soon to see you live, finally, say what you want.

Take care of yourself and let's hope that all this ends soon and we can enjoy together on and off stage. 
Health and metal.

                                  A big hug and our support from Bathory-zine. 
                                                Interview by Didac López

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