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JUNE 2020 Offer // THE DROWNING LPs are in! // New POEMA ARCANVS and ATRAE BILIS releases

We have some good news finally - things are moving ahead and we're able to start the manufacturing processes where new CDs and especially merch is concerned. So far we had to manage with what we had in stock with us as all new operations were not possible, but thanks to the relaxations that have been introduced this week in our country, we're able to go ahead and start working on whatever that is pending. Please bear in mind that international flights have yet to be resumed so sending stuff via post is still not possible, but with that said, it should be resumed by the end of the month. We're sending out whatever we're able to via DHL Express which is usually reserved for heavier items/bigger parcels as it's a premium service and they charge us accordingly.

It's always better to buy multiple items as that allows us to upgrade your order to DHL Express shipping and it's also cheaper that way. We're planning to further reduce our shipping rates once things get back to normal, just so that things are easier for you all. For this month's offer, it's buy any 3 CDs or LPs, and get 1 CD or LP free of your choice! Please bear in mind that we almost never have any offers on LPs so make the most of it while you can! As always, just please mention your free item when checking out or you can write to us directly and we'll sort it out for you personally.

Several of the LPs that we mentioned in our last newsletter are out of stock and these are the only LPs that we have on us now - 

The Drowning (UK) - The Radiant Dark (Death/Doom Metal)
Officium Triste (Netherlands) - The Death Of Gaia (Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal)
Sadistik Forest (Finland) - Morbid Majesties (Death Metal)
Burial Remains (Germany) - Trinity Of Deception (Old School Death Metal)
Warcrab (UK) - Damned In Endless Night (Death/Sludge Metal)
Paganizer (Sweden) - The Tower Of The Morbid (Death Metal)
Eternal Storm (Spain) - Come The Tide (Death Metal)
Temple Koludra (Germany) - Seven! Sirens! To A Lost Archetype (Black Metal)
Goregang (US) - Neon Graves (Death Metal/Crust)
Feral (Sweden) - Flesh For Funerals Eternal (Death Metal)
P.H.O.B.O.S. (France) - Phlogiston Catharsis (Industrial Doom/Black Metal)

Please bear in mind that we have pre-orders (which are included in this month's offer) on the following LPs -

Come Back From The Dead (Spain) - Rise of the Blind Ones (Death Metal)
Live Burial (UK) - Unending Futility (Old School Death Metal)
Eremit (Germany) - Desert of Ghouls (Atmospheric Sludge/Doom Metal)

The Drowning LPs came in and they're our best-looking LPs yet! We've updated the mockups of all the three colour variants to reflect actual pics that I ended up taking in my room! Please note that each variant is limited to just 100 and we won't be pressing them again.

Official Store | The Drowning Bandcamp

We're doing our best to make sure that our US and Europe stores carry them too and in a week's time they should have it as well, along with some leftover stock of our out of print LPs too, if you're lucky! Here are their links again -

Official US Store (Indiemerch) -
Official Europe Store (operating from Germany) -

We're thrilled to see that we've crossed 10,000 subscribers on our official YouTube channel, something we've worked hard on for years. If you haven't subscribed to our channel yet, please feel free to do so. We're still putting up new content on almost a daily basis and a lot is lined up in fact! Here's the link to it again -

We're close to crossing 20,000 likes on Facebook too in case you're more active over there. Here's our link again -

We've also announced pre-orders of two new releases (Poema Arcanvs and Atræ Bilis) since our last newsletter, with two releases being unleashed to the public (Henry Kane and Death Courier). Please find info about all of them below.

Poema Arcanvs (Chile) - Stardust Solitude (Doom Metal)

Genre - Doom Metal
Release Date - August 28th, 2020
Formats - Digital / CD / CD Box Set / T-shirt (Hoodies/Long sleeves coming soon!)
For fans of - Officium Triste, Paradise Lost, Anathema, My Dying Bride, Katatonia, Solitude Aeternus, Khemmis

Chilean doom metal band Poema Arcanvs have built up a legendary status over the years, having been around since the '90s to be precise and releasing one impressive album after the other. Inspired originally by the UK doom bands such as Paradise Lost, Anathama and My Dying Bride, they've forged a powerful, soulful sound which they have perfected over the years. Stardust Solitude is their sixth full length album where they take things to a different level, adding better dynamics and expanding the scope of the music. This is a beautiful album that unravels gracefully, revealing a wealth of variations and moods that few bands are able to create and sustain for the entire duration of the album. The more you listen to it, the more it entrances you with its gentle yet plaintive melodies and entreating vocals that remain with you like warnings from the other side. Dive into this immersive album and emerge a changed person, one rich with profound sensations and a more sentient outlook on life.

This is a gorgeous box set edition that comes with metallic gold embossing on the logos and also UV lamination done on parts of the box. Each of them are carefully put together and contain the following items which aren't available otherwise except for the CD -

1. 8-panel digipak CD with metallic effect/UV lamination and 12-page booklet
2. Autographed card
3. Beer coaster
4. Keychain with bottle opener
5. Gold patch
6. Metallic effect sticker

This is a high quality soft cotton T-shirt with large full colour front and back prints. The front print is of the beautiful album artwork and on the back there's a mesmerizing unique design. These are limited to just 30 nos.

This is one of the most beautifully designed layouts we've had the pleasure of working with. It not only comes in our standard 8-panel digipak with metallic effect and UV lamination and embossing, but there's also a massive 12-page booklet to go with it.

Official Store | Poema Arcanvs Bandcamp

Atræ Bilis (Canada) - Divinihility (Dissonant/Technical/Brutal Death Metal)

Genre - Death Metal
Release Date - August 14th, 2020

Formats - Digital / CD / CD Box Set / T-shirt / Long Sleeve / Zipped Hoodie

For fans of - Gorguts, Atheist, Suffocation, Depravity, Morbid Angel, Dying Fetus, Cattle Decapitation, Ulcerate

Atræ Bilis from Canada are ingesting the best elements of all the styles of death metal and spewing forth an amalgam that turns the genre inside out. There is no template for their kind of music. It's wildly unpredictable but remains coherent and catchy despite it all. It has traces of technical death, brutal death, dark death and even dissonant death, with a tinge of melody and atmosphere to top things off. This is an intense shapeshifter of an album that remains engrossing from start to finish, without losing the core sound and aesthetics. The album feels like an exercise in what's great about the genre without adhering to a particular style for too long and thereby sidestepping its trappings too. 'Divinihility' will mark a new chapter in engaging, furious, forward-thinking death metal that sets the tone for other similar-minded bands on the label such as Depravity, Cutterred Flesh, Replicant and more.

These are high quality hoodies that come with a metal zipper. There's a full colour print on the back and also prints on both the sleeves, with an elegant logo adorning the front. The artwork is by none other than Adam Burke and the design looks spectacular.

The fantastic Adam Burke artwork is printed on high quality soft and thick cotton long sleeve T-shirts having prints on both the sleeves. These are limited and you don't want to miss out on them!

The CD box set version comes with a beautiful metallic silver embossing for the logos and text and moreover packed with the following items, most of which are available only exclusively with the box set -

1. 8-panel digipack CD with metallic effect and embossing/UV lamination
2. Autographed card
3. Silver logo patch
4. A3 size poster in non-tearable paper
5. Album artwork badge
6. Metallic effect album artwork sticker

The gorgeous album artwork created by Adam Burke (IMPERIALIST, LURK) is printed on thick, high quality cotton T-shirts in sufficiently large size. These are limited so please feel free to book your size in advance.

The digipak version comes in our standard 8-panel packaging with a silver effect rendering the lyrics luminous to an extent and there's also UV embossing done on parts of the artwork and layout.

Official Store | Atræ Bilis Bandcamp

Thankfully our releases of Death Courier and Henry Kane have been very well received even though the timing definitely needs to be better. 

Death Courier (Greece) - Necrotic Verses 

Genre - Death Metal
Release Date - June 5th, 2020
Formats - Digital / CD / CD Box Set / T-shirt
For fans of - Malevolent Creation, early Morbid Angel, Slayer, early Death, Morgoth, Asphyx, Obituary, Vader, Vomitory

Legendary death metal band Death Courier are one of the earliest bands from the Greek metal scene releasing a slew of demos from way back in 1987 and putting out an album and an EP in the early '90s. More than three decades later, the band is on the verge of releasing one of the strongest albums to come from the Greek death metal scene. It's hard to believe that this is the same band because the energy level is off the charts and everything has been amped up to match present day standards without of course changing the core sound and integrity. The music is still essentially the pulsating, rabid death/thrash metal kind and there remains that palpable hunger in the members to create memorable and gnarly music that they were known for. This is a lethal new album that throws down the gauntlet to the naysayers doubting the band's prowess after so many years, who will invariably be forced to eat their words. 'Necrotic Verses' will grab you by the throat and won't let go till the shockingly potent album is over. Death Courier have set new standards for themselves and others to look up to, all over again.

- "an easy contender for album of the year" - The Metal Wanderlust (US) 5/5

- "death metal is still alive and Death Courier are still here to remind us" - Brutalism (Netherlands) 5/5

- "One of the best of the year without a doubt" - Broken Tomb Magazine (10/10)

- "Some of the best death metal we have heard in these past few years" - Metal Hammer (Greece) 9/10

- "is damn brilliant" - Ave Noctum (UK) 9/10

- "one of the best death metal albums of recent years" - Slovak Metal Army (Slovakia)

- "One of the most enjoyable and immediate death metal records" - (Greece)

- "is sure to be mentioned plenty come year end" - Cult Metal Fix (US)

- "one of the best European Death Metal albums that will be released this year" - Dioses Del Metal (Mexico)

- "prime-as-fuck death metal" - Invisible Oranges (US)

- "one of the most enjoyable and punishing albums you will hear in 2020" - Extreme Metal Maniac (US)

- "Very highly recommended" - Metal Korner (Spain) 9/10

- "one of the most straightforwardly brutal yet absorbing releases this year" - The Killchain (UK)

- "an eardrum rupturing sonic assault" - Anitchrist Magazine

- "spectacular" - Head-banger Reviews (US)

- "a multi-faceted piece of death metal nastiness" - No Clean Singing (US)

- "Exceptional stuff' - Noob Heavy (Australia) 8/10

- "a threatening and outrageous mood" - Metal View Blogspot (Greece) 8/10

- "a lethal new album that throws the gauntlet at detractors" - RTMB (Spain)

- "strikingly contemporary" - Storm Bringer (Germany) 3.5/5

- "have retained a surprising freshness" - Musik (Germany) 11/15

- "does not allow moments of tiredness" - All Around Metal (Italy) 3/5

- "A great album to get you through a need for OG Death Metal" - Music Apocalypse Culture

- "deliver the brutality they are known and loved for" - Metal Talk (Germany)

- "Death Courier are here to melt faces and batter brains" - GBHBL (US) 7.5/10

- "expert Death Metal songwriting" - (Germany)

- "solid and satisfying" - Wormwood Chronicles (US)

- "excellent" - Metal Temple (Greece)

- "do yourself a favor and pick up a copy" - Winter Torment (US)

Official Store | Death Courier Bandcamp

Henry Kane (Sweden) - Age of the Idiot

Genre - Death Metal/Crust/Grind
Release Date - May 22nd, 2020
Formats - Digital / CD / CD Box Set / T-shirt / Long Sleeve / Zipped Hoodie
For fans of - Medium, Disgust, Disfear, Skitsystem, Dismember, Extreme Noise Terror, Napalm Death, Bones

The raging grind/crust/death metal monster Henry Kane is back with an album just as sonically ferocious as before but also mature. The debut album was hailed as one of the heaviest albums ever recorded and this time Jonny Pettersson of Wombbath, Heads For The Dead, Nattravnen fame, joined by a slew of new members, proves that there's more to this band's music than just an intimidating wall of sound banging against you repeatedly. 'Age of the Idiot' is one of the most anticipated albums in the style which fits snugly alongside similar-minded labelmates in Medium, Goregang, and Bones. The album is remarkably varied without compromising on the viciousness, even incorporating an atmosphere of ominous doom laden with shades of melancholy. It is an album that is a reflection of the current mindset that is responsible for the deplorable acts of people around the world fuelled by misuse of technology. This is the perfect soundtrack to celebrate our rapid descension into self-induced apocalypse.

- "one of the year’s highlights" - Teeth of the Divine (US)

- "HM2-powered crust filth" - Decibel Magazine (US)

- "it’s one of my favorite projects" - Metal Trenches (US) 9.3/10

- "a MUST BUY for the fans of the genre!" - Brutalism (Netherlands)

- "Age of the Idiot melds a number of things" - Deaf Sparrow (US) 4.3/5

- "If there is any justice in the world, this should see Henry Kane mentioned with the A Grade of Grind" - Ave Noctum (UK) 8.5/10

- "first-class" - Wicked Metal Review (UK)

- "Not for delicate souls" - Arrow Lords of Metal (Netherlands) 8.4/10

- "A top-class death metal crustcore beast" - Twilight Magazine (Germany)

- "a massive spiked pearl that should not be missed" - Storm Bringer (Austria) 4/5

- "a fantastic album" - Distorted Sound Magazine (UK) 8/10

- "morphs into different shapes as you move through it" - No Clean Singing (US)

- "will crush all the bones in your body" - Deadly Storm (Czech Republic)

- "uncompromising and ingenious" - Metal (Germany) 8/10

- "a fantastic album" - Dioses Del Metal (Mexico)

- "The whole thing is total hysteria" - Soil Chronicles (France) 8/10

- "an upgraded bulldozer" - Moshpit Nation (US)

- "a marvel" - Dargedik (Peru)

- "a monumental effort" - The Metal Wanderlust (US)

- "here isn’t a single thing of “Age of the Idiot” that’s not to rave over" - Head-banger Reviews (US)

- "Very highly recommended" - Wonderbox Metal (UK)

- "a tumultuous banger" - Metal Bite (US)

- "is all about creating raging tones and spewing vitriol" - Dead Rhetoric (US)

- "pure sonic violence" - Necromance (Spain)

- "will remain in the memory for a long time" - Musik Reviews (Germany) 11/15

- "like a stampede of wild angry animals" - All About The Rock (UK)

- "recommended" - All Around Metal (Italy)

Official Store | Henry Kane Bandcamp

New signings -

Nasty Surgeons (Spain) 

Death metal/grindcore for fans of Carcass, Pathologist, Exhumed, Impaled, Haemorrhage

We’re thrilled to welcome Nasty Surgeons to our roster. We don’t have a ton of death/grind bands especially with their kind of sound so that’s exciting for us. And as is probably evident by now, Spain is proving to be a hotbed for us with already bands like Eternal Storm, Come Back From The Dead, Lifelost, Hex, Bizarre, Bokluk, Onirophagus being signed to our label.

Official Signing Announcement Link + Exclusive Song Stream

Lastly, we'll be stopping our pay-what-you-want thing for digital on Bandcamp shortly. Please snag whatever you can and next week we'll have our regular prices back up. Thanks so much guys! 

Cheers and take care!
Kunal Choksi

Label owner

Transcending Obscurity Records 

Official Site | Bandcamp | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram | Twitter 

Official Atræ Bilis Video! 

Official Poema Arcanvs Stream

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