Monday, June 8, 2020

KENZINER - Phoenix (2020) Review by Alex Mandel

Phoenix (2020).

Fourth album by these Finns who, due to the circumstances, have not lavished too much on these years, reaching a break of 13 years. It doesn't show in the quality of his music. They are classified as Power Metal but do not abuse this style too much. Already from the first song, Eye of Horus, they remember a lot when singing the current Saxons. They have that style of composition along with lyrics that would have very well allowed them to open for DIO. The first song already mentioned, Shadow of the Moon or Curse of the Pharaoh make it not such a crazy idea.

Listen of the devil perhaps comes closer to more typical canons of power but in general, it is that they carry everything with great cohesion. And that is the word, cohesion. As a band they perform very well the compositions, within their limitations, their style, they dominate. They do not exceed. The singer is good and not strong, he is within his limitations and plays with it. It can change registers and does quite well, but they are not hallucinated as they demonstrate in Shadow of the Moon.
Have very typical features of Heavy Metal as in To Hell and Back demonstrate. It is perhaps a more current Heavy but far from the cloying Power Metal that one could imagine.
Phoenix Risign or The Miracle are a very good worthy final album, in fact the latter's voice gives a great command of the voice, within its capabilities it makes it the most melodic song on the album.
In general, it is that they have given a good taste in the mouth and demonstrate that they know how to do a good job, now, the interesting thing would be to be able to see them live supporting a first division, they have quality for it and more.

Alex Mandel 

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