Wednesday, June 17, 2020


Italian Death Metal band Lectern offers us in their third and latest full-length “Deheadment For Betrayal” yet another piece of satanic mayhem.
With a career that started in 1999 and 3 Eps and 2 full-lengths already under their name, Lectern once again offers some good death metal in the style of Deicide (as the shape of their logo suggests), with no need to bring anything new to an already perfect sound. We should be very thankful to hear this style of music, since Deicide shifted their musical style towards a more elaborate composition. We only have to compare how much better this is than “Overtures of Blasphemy”, which was released on the same year.
Their new guitarist Manuel Casella is the perfect companion for Pietro Sabato’s incredible riffs, and this may even be their best album up to the date. The slower, down-tuned chords this album offers are a great combination with their faster-paced blasts.
Starting strong with the title track and no need of an intro, you won’t find any bit of rest until the end of the last song, “Pamphlet Spawn At Gelid Crypt Satan”.
While they don’t bring nothing new to the scene, their incredible ability to play in the style of their predecessors in an age where their style is being forgotten in an attempt to play more complex music is very surprising.
If you aren’t very experienced in death metal, you may start finding this album boring after the third or fourth song, but if you want something in the style of old Deicide you will be very pleased with this. As the album’s name suggests, Lectern won’t be too fond of the betrayer’s of the scene, who forgot the concept of satanic extreme metal.
We sure hope that their next album is as good and extreme as this one.
Review by Varg The Mighty.

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