Wednesday, June 24, 2020

LORD DIVINE - Facing CHaos (2019).- Review By Alex Mandel

There are times when you criticize a group and the record label, the band, fans or people who get very bored want to lynch you, and it is that they do not always get the job right despite all the effort you put into it, the critic is It has been lifted on the wrong foot or the disc does not curdle and the truth is that the error must be faced.
Lord Divine, they haven't released any record shit or anything like that. It is very correct, they start with a slightly baroque intro that gives rise to a theme, The Rage on me, which perhaps recalls the DIO era of Strange Higways but more updated. They have a very good singer, excellent keyboards but the problem is that the songs, on the first listen, become somewhat repetitive. The first is a breath of fresh air, musically it goes very well. The guitars petan but sometimes they are repeated, it is that for example in I am they sound the same as in the first song. And it is that virtuosity these Argentines do not lack. The singer has a very good voice and his pronunciation in English is excellent. The power that they practice is very correct, the problem that I find is that the whole album, it does something repetitive, a loose theme breaks it, but the whole album, despite the work that has been done, is long. And that songs like the same I am, have very interesting nuances but I think that its quality would be enjoyed more in small doses.
Beginning of the end for example, if he tries to break that monotony with a frankly precious beginning and the singer is that he embroiders it with the feeling that it adds. Perhaps it is one of the coolest songs on the album that try to break that monotony.
Anyway, it's a good record and you can listen to it. But perhaps a little more punch or a little more variety would have given them a little more oomph.
So I leave the door open for a listen to stick while I wait for my lynching.
Review by Alex Mandel

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