Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Olivia Neutered John - "Gorewhore"

 From the wretched and grey city of London UK, it's OLIVIA NEUTERED JOHN.

Olivia Neutered John is equal parts death metal and grindcore with a lyrical focus on extreme sexual depravity, rape, and abuse. The band's focus is to shed light on these terrible acts in hopes that humanity can correct it's horrid perversions. ONJ fights sexual abuse, rape, LGBTQ-phobia, and gender inequality through buzzsaw guitars, thundering bass, multiple styles of searing brutal vocals, and song lyrics that teeter on the line between the profane and the pornographic.

Consisting of sole member Dick "Bastard" Weeks, Olivia Neutered John released their first album KILL ALL MEN on Halloween in 2018. The new album GOREWHORE takes the ideas from KAM and cranks them up to maximum levels of rage and insanity. Clocking in at 42 minutes and boasting 31 songs, GOREWHORE is the most savage and terrifying album the band has released to date. With songs like FREELANCE ROTARY HAMMER PROCTOLOGIST, EXHAUSTIVE RUINATION OF THE VAS DEFERENS, and UNANESTHETIZED GELDING WITH A BRAND NAME FOOD PROCESSOR, ONJ's fascination with the destruction of penises and testicles is on full display.

Dick "Bastard" Weeks - All vocals, guitars, bass, etc
See also: A Congregation of Horns, Alien Queen, Carnivorous Forest, Cockbastard, Cronenberg, Gaylord, Okami, Omega Point, Redacted, She-Ra, Shiteater, Skeletal Serpent, Suicide Wraith, Takhisis, Warbrother, World Controller, ex-Coils of Delphyne, Antitheist, Discord, Elk, Human Resources Nightmare, Noir, Raw Noise Antagonism, Sea Wolves of the Atlantic, Shrek, Shrug, Sludgecrow, The Pope, Thrush, ex-Ebonillumini, ex-The Meads of Asphodel, ex-The Higher Craft.

  1.    Whetting the Tools of Castration

 2.    Olivia Neutered John

 3.    Freelance Rotary Hammer Proctologist

 4.    Pool of Liquefied Pedophiles

 5.    Gendercrusher

 6.    Under the Heel of Her Holy Highness

 7.    Stairwell Nonce Bashing

 8.    Stillbornography

 9.    Pecker Wrecker

10.    Death Fetish

11.    Queen of the Rusty Chainsaw

12.    Anal in the House of the Lord

13.    Break Your Neck Bust Your Balls

14.    Terminator of Unlife

15.    Brutality Unleashed

16.    Cisterhood of the Jackal

17.    Underage Teenage Outrage Rampage

18.    Exhaustive Ruination of the Vas Deferens

19.    Bootlicker

20.    Transdefender

21.    Friend Zone Dead Zone

22.    Unanesthetized Gelding With a Brand Name Food Processor

23.    Scrotal Holocaust

24.    Gorewhore

25.    And the Arms That Embrace Me are as Gentle as the Broken Necks of Dead Swans

26.    John Poison Sons

27.    Testosteroni

28.    Post traumatic Pickaxe Perforated Prostate

29.    HOPE Machine II

30.    The Fragility of Origami Cranes in a Rainstorm

31.    Suffer Age

Olivia Neutered John - "Gorewhore"
Blackened Death Records
Death Metal from UK



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