Thursday, June 18, 2020


We are now able to hear Pazuzu’s debut demo on CD and vinyl, with a new and better mastering. Out of Costa Rica, a land not related usually to metal, these death doom musicians offer us a great album, maybe the best of their country.
Consisting of 3 songs, an intro and an outro, this demo offers us death metal slowed down to the speed of doom in the style of Autopsy, with the doom influences being low and relying more on death metal. The low recording quality and the voice in the style of Benediction brings you straight back to the beginnings of the 90’s, when this style started to flourish.
Starting and finishing with eerie and mysterious acoustic guitar pieces, this album is plagued with great surprises, like sudden tempo variations, songs that seem to finish only to continue in a completely different style, similar to Winter, Rippikoulu or other bands that lean more on the doom side of death doom.
At around the first minute of “Transcending The Emanating Filth From The Fathers Of The Christian Church”, we can hear a chilling part of just bass, and right after that we fall into more anti-christian death metal mayhem.
Equally good we have the brief part of only drums and vocals on “The Fallacy Of The Cursed Empire”, but this is nothing like the solemn drum and vocal bit of My Dying Bride’s “Sear Me”, this is a fast and merciless percussion that drags you immediately further down into their chaotic melodies.
While they’ve released up to date multiple splits and a live album, it would be nice to be able to hear a full-length from this band hopefully soon.

Review by Varg The Mighty

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