Tuesday, June 2, 2020

REVENANT: New addition to upcoming 10" releases.

REVENANT: New addition to upcoming 10" releases.
Hailing from New Jersey in '86 as a Crossover Thrash band in the vein of WEHRMACHT, SOOTHSAYER or AGGRESSION (can), the legendary REVENANT which featured John McEntee from INCANTATION on their first demos, evolved into a Death Metal monster whose only album "Prophecies of a Dying World" was released through Nuclear Blast in '91. But before and after this album, they released two 7"EP's: "Distant Eyes" (1990) and "Exalted Being" (1992) which are the ones chosen to be re-issued on 10" vinyl through 10 Inches of DeathCult!! After a couple demos more and recording a mini CD that remained unreleased until '02, REVENANT was put to rest in 1995. Now we'll bring you back some of their best recordings, which will include original EP's artwork as well as lyrics, flyers, show posters and photos from that time.
Release date will happen in early 2021, we'll announce exact release date in due time, stay tuned!!

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