Monday, June 1, 2020

Review Ice War (2020) by Alex Mandel

The intro cheats, you hope to find yourself an epic metal album and then it 
goes to a riff that makes you understand that it will be somewhat heavier and 
suddenly smash all over your mouth andenjoy raw, visceral, raw speed / Heavy. 
Old school reed without no need to saturate the sound or strange inventions. 
Power from within, the first theme, is a summary of what they are going to put 
between your ears.
We must stop on the second topic, the one that gives the name to the LP. It's old 
school in state pure. The band is a single member but it is not noticeable, but its 
influences, Exciter, Razor ...and this sounds like Tank, pure and simple Tank. Fast, 
dirty, wild but with its own personality.
It is one of those topics that if the British play live, I think it is theirs for the
strength it has.
Soldiers of frost, the next song is very punk, in fact it is the different note of the 
album.Fast and dirty but very catchy. The choirs reinforce that impression so punk but
it's a delight.
It is an album that the truth does not decay, it is a personal project but very vital, 
with a lot of Energy. Themes that hook you and enjoy. Nothing left over.
Remarkable I also find Mountains of Skulls, which again brings me Tank to the
memory. Even in the voice there are moments that I seem to hear crossing distances,
Algy Ward.The truth is that this album sounds classic but fresh, it gives a very good vibe 
and fits very well.
Other tracks: crucified in fare, Demonoid, Skull and Crossbones, Running out of time
or Breakaway do not decay and make you vibrate. Not that it's going to become a classic
not to burst this already saturated world but it makes you have a very good time.
To catch it.

                                              Review Ice War (2020) by Alex Mandel

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