Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Review of KORE ROZZIK by Alex Mandel.

Vengeance Overdrive (2019).

A group that has had a hard time knowing where to catch them. Understand what roll they were carrying. Investigating has not been excessively easy and little by little has been unraveling what we are finding. Clearly there is an influence of Ghost in the conceptual theme, that is, they bet on a show and a shocking, direct and forceful message. All through music and staging.
All this roll to understand what we find. Vengeance Overdrive is a concept album that has four "tracks" between themes that link the story and they begin precisely with Come take a ride. The

second theme, just the one that gives the album its name, already gives you a summary of what you are going to find. Mix of voices, some melodic, others more standardized, heavy guitars and beat mixes with a dose of paranoia (the lalala thing is delusional).
And it is that this is the roll, introductory theme, theme, another introductory ... and they complete the whole concept. Mistress for example is a good example of this. The truth is that if this is really the debut album, it is a real asshole. Of course, it is very current musically speaking, old school riffs are noted, but it is very current today, even though it is difficult to understand the roll initially, they give an interesting and curious proposal further exploring that initiatory path that people already made like Ghost.

Alex Mandel


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