Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Rock & Metal Musicians React To George Floyd's Death & Protests That Ensued This Weekend

The protests raged on all across the country and the world for a third day, yesterday, May 30th, as the world reacted to the death of George Floyd. Floyd was stopped by police after a bad check, and the restrained and put on the ground with the knee of the arresting officer on his neck. After numerous pleas for help, saying he couldn't breathe, and begging for water, video footage shows the life slowly leaving his body. Three officers stood guard and watched it happen. The haunting footage led to protests for the arrest of Derek Chauvin, who has been taken into custody. All the officers involved have been fired.
The entire world is reacting and the rock and metal world is no different, with many chiming in, and perhaps none more vocal that Body Count frontman Ice-T, somebody who does not shy away from political messages. Some of his recent tweets include:

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