Sunday, June 28, 2020

STRAVAGANZZA will publish its new live album (DVD + 2CD) 'La Noche del Fénix' on October 2

:: Click on the image to see the new STRAVAGANZZA video: 'Passion' ::

'La Noche del Fénix' is the new live work by STRAVAGANZZA, which will be released in the form of a DVD with 2 CDs on October 2. This album collects all the magic and power of the band live, recorded the concert that took place in La Riviera de Madrid on September 28, 2019.

A spectacular and unique concert in which the members of the band had on stage, in addition, with the presence of a string quartet, a choir and dancers, who perfectly complete the show of STRAVAGANZZA.

The video of the concert has been edited by Mario Ruiz, from Krea, a regular collaborator of the band, as well as the Leo Jiménez project. Anti Horrillo, meanwhile, has been in charge of all the audio and sound recording, as well as mixing and mastering the album at Anti Estudio.

'Pasión', song from the album 'Sentimientos', is the song chosen as the first preview of 'La Noche del Fénix', in the form of a video and a single, now available on digital platforms.

:: Click on the image to listen on digital platforms 'Pasión' ::

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