Saturday, June 20, 2020

Then Falls The Sky - New EP

Then Falls The Sky is spreading some light in an otherwise dark world. Passion filled and very driven for success. While they haven’t changed the world, their impact in the world around them can be felt, with all the charity drives they participate in every year.

Nick Barlage (Vocals) brings his energetic youth to the project with a very healthy outlook on life, striving to make his voice be felt. Jacob Smith (Guitar) has his no nonsense approach and it shows in everything the band does. Oney Michaels (bass) with his unique stage presence and go with the flow attitude, and is often no stranger to a mosh pit. Chad mcElwee (Guitar) and Amanda McElwee (Drums) as sibling band mates contribute to the overall chemistry of the band. Dynamic and diverse make up all that this band represents, but every note has its purpose.

In 2018 Their song Synical was awarded Metal Song of the Year by the IMEA Awards. The song was written to bring awareness to suicide , and how that act can affect those around you. Since then they have released Their EP Set on Rising. Which is a testament to letting go of the past that you can’t change and moving forward without expectations.



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