Monday, June 15, 2020

Torchlight Parade - Review by David Kiss.

TORCHLIGHT PARADE American group advanced in years, why?
You will ask yourself,the answer is simple, for the heavy metal style
they do, Accept influences 80s era,with Udo as a singer, you only need
to listen to his homonymous song Torchlight Parade,Haddonflield, also
 have brushstrokes of American heavy metal type W.A.S.P,or even
 the first-time Black Sabbath ... The band takes great care of their show live,
pulling out a coffin,pipers and a lot of confetti remembering Kiss.
They usually open for bands like Stryper, Enuff ´Znuff, Beasto Blanco or
Metal Church, evenThey have invited a colleague like Johhny Rod (W.A.S.P, King Kobra ..)
to go on stage to playing a version, or some of its Tochlight components have
accompanied Carmine Appice in a musical event ...
If your sound is classic heavy metal, give them a listen, possibly you will have a great time.

Review by David Kiss.

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